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Dialpad Features

A unified communications platform that connects your teams through voice, video, messages, and online meetings, Dialpad provides a comprehensive suite of advanced features to help streamline your business communication and improve productivity. 


With Dialpad, you can expect a fast setup, hassle-free deployment, and the ability to provision and manage users with ease and efficiency.

Web Portal Management - Admin and User Access

Dialpad makes it easy for your team to manage your communications platform through the Web Portal so that it frees up time for your IT team. Learn more here!

Admin API and Webhooks - User Management

With Dialpad's admin API and webhooks, you can enhance the user management functionality on your cloud phone system and create more business efficiencies.

Easy User Setup and Provisioning

Using Dialpad, with just a few clicks, you can get a new user setup with a new phone number, ready to start making calls and sending messages. Learn more!

Chrome Extension - Make Calls from Browser

Dialpad's Chrome Extension allows you to click on phone numbers within your browser window and launch calls within the desktop app. Learn more here!

Mobility - Work from Anywhere

Mobility is at the very core of what Dialpad does. Learn more about how Dialpad helps you to stay connected and productive from any device, anywhere.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

You can leverage BYOD (bring your own device) with Dialpad by turning the devices you already own and use daily into your business phone system. Learn more!

Ultra Fast and Hassle-Free Deployment

Dialpad's quick deployment makes installation a breeze and frees up time for your IT teams to focus on other business-critical issues. Learn more here!

Dialpad Tech Support - 24/7 Live Chat

Dialpad provides extensive technical support including 24/7 live chat and 24/5 phone support, alongside a comprehensive help center. Learn more here!

Call Analytics - Access Call Log and Metrics

Dialpad provides users with access to call analytics which includes call logs and other important metrics such as number of texts per day. Learn more here!

Porting Number -Transfer Business Phone Number

Seamlessly transfer your business phone number from your previous provider to your Dialpad account for free. Learn more about porting your number here!

Call Center Productivity

Dialpad takes pride in providing useful tools to address some of the challenges that call centers face, such as inaccurate reporting and analytics.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are a great way to collect feedback from your customers and improve your customer service and business. Learn more!

Call History - Review Records and Call Details

Using the Call History feature in Dialpad, managers and admins can view records and access call details directly from their web portal. Learn more here!

Desk Phones - Office Phone Systems

Dialpad also sell and provide support for certain desk phones in case a mobile device isn't the ideal communication tool for your business. Learn more here!

International Business Number - Global Numbers

Dialpad provides modern enterprises with the ability to get international numbers to represent global locations. Get international numbers with Dialpad!

Calling & Routing

From call park to call transfer to call forwarding, Dialpad offers a comprehensive suite of calling and routing features to help improve business communication at your organization.

On-Premise Gateway (OPG) Solutions

With Dialpad, organizations can choose between two types of on-premise gateway (OPG) solutions: PBX Gateway or PSTN Gateway. Learn more here!

Call Summary- Transcript, Snippets, and Notes

Dialpad's call summary feature helps to put your call transcript, action items, snippets, and notes into an easily digestible overview. Learn more here!

Business Phone App - Calling App

The Dialpad business phone app is designed for users to take their offices wherever they go. Stay connected on any device with our calling app!

International Offices on the Cloud Platform

With Dialpad, you can spin up International Offices virtually anywhere in the world and keep your whole company connected on the same platform. Learn more!

Voice Call - HD Calling from Any Device

Dialpad provides crystal clear voice calling using the latest VoIP technology. Enjoy unlimited, enterprise-grade HD calling from any device with Dialpad!

Call Operators - Efficient Call Handling

Dialpad provides advanced call handling that sets your team up for success. Assign call operators to handle incoming and outgoing calls for your teams.

Call Transfer -Warm Transfer Option Available

Dialpad allows you to easily transfer a call to another individual with just one click. You also have the option of doing a warm transfer. Learn more here!

Executive Assistant - Business Call Delegation

With Dialpad's Executive Assistant call delegation feature, you can have calls transferred to a pre-assigned team member when you are unable to answer.

Local Phone Number - Local Business Number

With Dialpad, you can choose local phone numbers for your enterprise. Local business numbers can help create familiarity with your callers. Learn more here!

Company Directory - Keep Your Team Connected

Dialpad's company directory helps to keep your team connected by allowing you to quickly search for and reach out to anyone in your company. Find out more!

Do Not Disturb - Stop Notifications

The do not disturb feature in Dialpad stops notifications and messages, and sends calls straight to voicemail when you don't want to be reached. Learn more!

Call Blocking - Stop Spam and Robocalls

Dialpad's call blocking feature keeps your business lines free of robocalls and spammers that disrupt your daily operations and cost more than your patience.

Call Park - Retrieve Call on Another Device

Dialpad's call park feature helps you to manage incoming calls and make sure they're being handled by the right person. Learn more about call park here!

Caller ID - Provide Useful Caller Information

Dialpad provides flexible Caller ID options that helps to improve business communications and create better customer experience. Learn more about it here!

Call Waiting - Never Miss an Important Call

Never miss an important call with Dialpad's call waiting feature, which allows you to prioritize your calls and put an existing call on hold. Find out more!

Dial by Name Directory- No Receptionist Needed

With Dialpad's dial by name directory, callers can dial in the name of their intended recipient by using the keypad, no receptionist needed. Learn more!

Three Way Call - Add a Third Party to Calls

Dialpad equips you with smart call controls like hold and transfer and lets you add a third party to your calls with the three way call feature. Learn more!

Simultaneous Ring - Answer from Any Device

With Dialpad's simultaneous ring feature, you can answer incoming calls on any device, allowing you to take your business calls anywhere. Learn more here!

Call Flip - Switch Devices During Live Calls

Easily switch devices during calls and move conversations from your laptop to your cell phone without interruption. Check out Dialpad's call flip feature!

Virtual Receptionist - Custom Call Routing

Ensure every incoming business call is handled with efficiency and professionalism using Dialpad's virtual receptionist and custom call routing. Learn more!

Call Routing with Auto Attendant

Dialpad provides call routing with auto attendant to ensure that every incoming call is handled appropriately based on when and where the call takes place.

International Calling - High Quality Low Rates

For low international calling rates, check out Dialpad. Get in touch from any device with the Dialpad app and call anywhere in the world. Learn more here!

Main Company Number- Primary Business Phone Line

With Dialpad, Main Company Number is the primary phone line for your business and there are various ways to set it up and customize it. Learn more here!

Toll Free Number- 800 Number for Your Business

Dialpad offers toll-free Numbers to help you provide stellar service to your prospects and customers. Get an 800 number for your business with Dialpad today!

Call Forwarding - Send Calls to Other Numbers

The call forwarding feature enables Dialpad users to send incoming business calls to up to 5 different external phone numbers. Stay connected with Dialpad!

Call Recording- Record Business Phone Calls

The call recording feature on Dialpad helps you record business phone calls so that you can use later for reference or coaching purposes. Learn more!


Dialpad helps to streamline your workflow by natively integrating with some of the most widely used productivity and business tools such as Salesforce, allowing you to work within one platform instead of toggling between applications.

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DOMO Inegration
G Suite Integration
Hub Spot Integration
Office 365 Integration
Okta Integration
One Login Integration
Zapier Integration


Dialpad helps to enhance team collaboration with advanced business messaging features including SMS, MMS, Group SMS, and more.

User Presence and Custom Status

Dialpad's Presence and Status functions provide a quick and easy way to let team members know if you are available, busy, or offline. Check it out!

Free Conference Call from Any Device Anywhere

Launch conference calls from any device at anytime and easily share your screen and ideas with others using UberConference by Dialpad. Learn more here!

Video Call - High Quality Video Calling

Dialpad lets you make razor-sharp, crystal-clear business video calls so you can enjoy productive face-to-face meetings from anywhere. Learn more here!

Web Conferencing - Easy Online Collaboration

Web conferencing with UberConference by Dialpad makes it incredibly easy to collaborate with your team and connect with your clients online. Check it out!

Voicemail - Easy Message Retrieval

Dialpad’s versatile voicemail system for business makes setup and message retrieval a cinch. Access voicemails via phone, online or on your mobile device!

Virtual Fax- Fax Online, No Fax Machine Needed

Dialpad's Virtual Fax feature lets you send and receive faxes online the same way you would with a fax machine, but now through a desktop app. Learn more!

Business Messaging - SMS and Group Messaging

Dialpad offers simple business messaging options including SMS messaging, MMS messaging, as well as internal and external group messaging. Learn more!

Conference Phone - Meeting Room Phone

With Dialpad, you can create dedicated lines for shared spaces like meeting rooms and add conference phones to these rooms for ease of use. Learn more here!

Web Conferencing

Make your online meetings better with high quality audio and video web conferencing, extensive screen sharing capabilities, and advanced conference call settings.

Screen Sharing - Web Conferencing Made Easy

Screen sharing is simple with UberConference by Dialpad. Both organizers and participants of the web conference can easily share their screens. Learn more!

Recurring Conference Calls and Meetings

If you have recurring conference calls, you can set up the online meeting to start at the same time every week with UberConference by Dialpad. Check it out!

Conference Call Dial Out to Participants

With Dialpad, you can have UberConference dial out to the invited participants right before the meeting, skipping the extra steps it takes for them to join!

Pinless Conference Call - Pins Optional

Enjoy pinless conference calls with UberConference by Dialpad. With us, while pins are optional, security is guaranteed. To pin or not to pin, learn more!

Conference Call Controls for Web and Phone

With Dialpad, you will have access to conference call controls whether you are joining the conference call via the web or your phone. Find out more here!

Group Chat in Conference Calls

When using UberConference by Dialpad, you can send a group chat if you have a question but don't want to interrupt during the conference call. Learn more!

Custom Music on Hold for Conference Calls

Choose custom music on hold to create a unique conference call experience with Dialpad. Use music to set the tone of your online meetings before they start!

Better Meetings with UberConference Video

UberConference Video provides participants the option to use HD video and transform a typical conference call into a personal online meeting. Learn more!

Document Sharing during UberConference Calls

Sharing documents during UberConference calls is easy with Dialpad. You can even seamlessly share files from third party sites like Evernote. Learn more!

Reliability & Security

With automatic data backup and redundancy built into the platform, Dialpad provides businesses with the best cloud phone system that enables secure, encrypted calls and layered security.

Cloud Communications for Businesses

As a modern cloud communications platform, Dialpad turns the devices you’re already using into business phone systems so your teams can work from anywhere.

Data Backup - Automatic Backup and Redundancy

With automatic data backup and redundancy built into Dialpad, your data will be accessible even in the unlikely event of a network outage. Learn more here!

VoIP - Crystal Clear Voice Over IP Calls

Make crystal clear VoIP calls using Dialpad's modern cloud technology at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX business phone systems. Learn more here!

Data Encryption - Secure, Encrypted Calls

Dialpad prioritizes data encryption as we take pride in providing businesses with the best cloud phone system that enables secure, encrypted calls.

Voice Intelligence

With built-in machine learning, Voice Intelligence employs natural language processing and voice recognition to provide recommendations in real time and comprehensive post-call notes and transcripts.

Voice Intelligence - Conversation Analytics

Built using Natural Language Processing and machine learning, Voice Intelligence helps to process your conversations and provides insights in real-time.

Post Call Automation for Sales Productivity

With Dialpad Sell, sales reps can leverage post call automation to help streamline the sales process so they can concentrate on closing deals. Learn more!

Voice Intelligence Sales Coach to Power Your Sales Training

Dialpad's Voice Intelligence Sales Coach provides your sales representatives with real-time sales tips and lets sales managers provide support when needed. Learn more here!

Live Sentiment Analysis for Better Calls

With the live sentiment analysis feature, Dialpad can help sales reps and customer support representatives improve call quality and outcome. Learn more!

Real-Time Assist for Sales and Support

Dialpad's Real-Time Assist feature provides your sales reps and customer support agents with important details in real-time to help improve call outcome.

Visual Voicemail - Voicemail Transcription

Dialpad’s visual voicemail feature transcribes voicemails into readable messages and makes all the important information instantly available. Check it out!