Business phone app

Dialpad’s business phone app works across iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Make phone calls, transfer and forward calls, and more—from any device. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to try it now!

When it comes to business communications, phone calls just aren’t going away (as much as we like to say that it is).

And for both small business owners and large enterprises, the fact is that many clients and prospects will still try to reach you on the phone.

Which means that even though you could try to get away with just using your personal phone, you could probably make life a lot easier by using a proper business phone app that lets you forward calls, lots your voicemails, and records or transcribes your calls (among other things).

Why go with Dialpad:

Advanced VoIP technology

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a more advanced type of telephony technology that many virtual phone systems and cloud phone systems today use. Because VoIP office phone systems can make phone calls over an Internet connection, it’s less expensive and easier to set up compared to PBX.

Dialpad uses a special flavor of unique VoIP technology and a global network that provides incredible call quality around the world—and of course, you can easily use the app on both computers and mobile phones.

Easy to admin from anywhere

With a business phone app, you can work from anywhere and manage your own business lines and hours—you’re not tied to landlines or a phone service.

But beyond that, Dialpad is also incredibly easy to manage for an admin. You can add new users, add a second phone number or new phone lines, and more—all in your online account:

Free unlimited outgoing and incoming calls

Even on Dialpad’s most basic plan, you get unlimited outgoing and inbound calls from the US and Canada.

And if you need to make international calls, you can get those at a pretty low rate too.

Overall cost-effectiveness

Compared to a traditional PBX phone system, going with a VoIP provider that has a business phone app is much more feasible, especially when it comes to pricing and getting set up with virtual phone numbers.

Dialpad also updates automatically and there’s no expensive hardware to maintain, which makes it more cost-effective over the long term for small businesses all the way up to enterprises. 

Features you get in a business phone system with Dialpad

Call forwarding

Forward calls from a landline or cell phone to any number. With Dialpad, you have a maximum of five external call forwarding numbers so that you can forward calls to colleagues (or your other devices).

Call routing or transfer

On traditional phone systems, you had to look up business phone numbers and personal numbers in a manual or cheat sheet in a binder somewhere in order to transfer a call.

With Dialpad, call transfers take only a few seconds. Just type out a contact’s name and Dialpad will pull up everyone in your company directory:

From there, you can transfer your active call to that person, all in the same screen:

Business text messaging

If you need to text or send a message to teammates or clients, you can do that in Dialpad. What’s unique about Dialpad is that you can send both internal and external messages, all in the same place.

Dialpad lets you send SMS (text) and MMS (multimedia, sound, and video) text messages externally and internally within your business. And if you’re out of office or in Do Not Disturb mode, you can set an SMS auto-reply message to let others know.

App and browser functionality

Whether you need to add more than one person to your call or forward a call to someone else, business phone apps should let you do it all easily, whether you’re on an iPhone or Android.

With Dialpad, you can even launch a conference call right from a messaging thread. No more worrying about remembering PINs, and you can add invitees from anywhere.

Custom caller ID

Choose your caller ID to show up as whatever you want, from your personal business number, to your company’s local number, to a toll-free number or vanity number:

Real-time call transcriptions

If you have important conversations with prospects and customers on the phone, it’s useful to have call recordings and transcripts as records of these calls. Dialpad automatically transcribes your calls—in real time:

Custom voicemail greeting

Not only do you get to customize your voicemail greeting in Dialpad, you also have a visual voicemail feature that transcribes your voicemail messages for you. This way, if you’re stuck in meetings all day and can’t listen to your messages, you can still read them and see if you missed any important calls:

Unified communications

One of the biggest perks of Dialpad’s business phone app is that it’s not just a business phone app. It also has built in instant messaging and video conferencing in one place, which means you won’t have to toggle back and forth between tabs:


Dialpad's Virtual Receptionist or auto-attendant feature lets you focus on more valuable tasks instead of manually sorting incoming calls and routing them to the right people. Just set up your custom call routing options and let Dialpad do the rest.

Call flip

Call flip lets you transfer a business call in real-time from your desktop to your mobile device and vice versa without the other person on the line knowing, and with no loss of call quality. You can even transfer to a VoIP desk phone.

With Dialpad, call flip happens with a single click or tap.

Dialpad’s desktop and mobile apps operate simultaneously on the same platform. That means when you move a call from your cell phone to your computer or vice versa, the call doesn't drop because it’s happening on the platform. It just changes the device that is used to transmit the call to you.