Call Transfer

With Dialpad, you can easily transfer an incoming call to another individual with just one click. Before the transfer occurs, you have the option to ask if the recipient can take the call and send it straight to voicemail if needed.

Quickly Find the Contacts for Call Transfer

Call Transfer uses the Company Directory to send important calls to the right place without them getting lost in the shuffle. When employees need to transfer a call, they can simply search for the individual or department that they want to receive the call. Once the name of an individual is entered in the directory, one can instantly see the person’s availability and determine what the next step should be. From here they can transfer the call, do a warm transfer, send the call straight to voicemail, or look for another person to handle the call.

Call Transfer

Use Warm Transfer

Before calls are transferred between colleagues, a “warm transfer” may be necessary. Once the contact has been selected from the Company Directory, the person conducting the transfer can click ‘Ask first’ to quickly clarify any details with the recipient before sending the call through. There’s also the option to merge the calls and introduce the two parties—a feature that can be helpful in adding context to a conversation. 

Call Transfer Merging

Send to Voicemail

Calls can be sent straight to an individual’s voicemail. This is ideal in scenarios where someone needs to transfer the call, but the recipient is busy or away from their phone. Selecting ‘Send to Voicemail’ allows you to send the call straight to the recipient's inbox where they can retrieve the message and call the person back if required.

Transfer to Hold Queue

In the event that the party to whom you want to transfer a call is only temporarily unavailable for the next minute or two, you have the option to send calls to a hold queue where the call will wait until the recipient is available to answer the call. They’ll see the ‘on hold’ notification on their sidebar and only need to click it to retrieve the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every team member have access to the Call Transfer functionality?

Yes. Everyone connected to Dialpad has access to the Call Transfer feature.

What happens when a transferred call isn’t answered?

The call will go directly to the recipient’s voicemail inbox.

Does Call Transfer cost more?

No, this feature is a standard business feature that’s available in all Dialpad plans.

Does Call Transfer work across all devices?

Yes, you can easily transfer calls on any device you can receive them on.

Are there any limitations on call transferring?

No. Every employee is able to transfer as many calls as they need to without limitation.

Can users transfer calls to numbers outside of the organization?

Yes, it is possible to transfer to an external number or even an International Number. However, this must be enabled by administration. Learn more here.

I couldn't find the answer to my question about call transferring here. Where can I learn more?

We have an extensive technical FAQ that can be viewed here.