A man working on a laptop and a screenshot of Dialpads Ai Playbooks feature

Improve sales
with Ai Playbooks

Make it easy to close deals faster by promoting best practices and ensuring playbook adherence during live calls.

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Increase sales consistency to drive higher quality conversations

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Playbooks feature

Ai-enabled adherence

Dialpad Ai monitors each call and checks off prescribed behaviors in real time, to promote playbook adherence and speed up review cycles.

Custom Playbooks

Leverage pre-built playbook templates based upon the most popular sales methodologies, or create your own from a menu of Ai questions to align with the unique needs of your business.

Playbooks in Dialpad Ai Meetings

Sellers live on the phones, but demos happen in Dialpad Ai Meetings. Create a custom playbook that guides sellers through best practices on demo and video calls.

A woman working on a laptop and a screenshot of Dialpad's Ai Playbooks feature

Speed up onboarding
& decrease ramp time

Ai Playbooks provides a consistent, easy-to follow-rubric for success during calls. This structured approach removes guesswork, helping reps & recruiters get up to speed more quickly.

A man using Dialpad's Ai Playbooks feature

Identify new coaching opportunities

Ai Playbooks lets supervisors and managers understand how well each rep adheres to the prescribed methodology and where they may need additional coaching.

Screenshot of real time guidance provided by Dialpad's Ai Playbooks feature

Make every sales call
more efficient

Close more deals by asking the right questions at the right stage of the conversation. Ai Playbooks give sellers real-time guidance based upon the requirements you prioritize.

Screenshot of Ai based insights provided by Dialpad's Ai Playbooks feature

Drive team improvement
with Ai-based insights

Use Ai Playbooks to track and monitor adherence over time, and combine with analytics to see how playbook adherence translates into more pipeline and revenue.

More Ai features
teams love

Real-time recommendations

Our Ai draws your attention to struggling agents during calls, so you can offer additional support in real time.

Customizable leaderboards

Track agent performance with customizable leaderboards, tailored to your specific needs.

Live calls widget

Get live recommendations  on which ongoing calls you should monitor, allowing you to make live interventions and offer agents real-time feedback.

Completed calls widget

Dialpad Ai recommends which completed calls should be reviewed, streamlining the QA process for managers.

Robust metrics

“Dialscore” provides a comprehensive, data-driven view of agent performance, simplifying grading and enabling more targeted coaching.

Single source coaching

Whether you need to identify which agents need help or grade completed calls, Coaching Hub lets you manage all your coaching needs from a single interface.

Advanced Ai capabilities

Powered by Dialpad’s advanced Ai capabilities, Coaching Hub simplifies coaching workflows and helps deliver more effective training.

4B minutes of conversational data

Ai Coaching Hub uses Dialpad’s extensive analysis of conversational data to deliver coaching recommendations with industry-leading accuracy.

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Learn how Dialpad’s Ai-powered solutions make life easier for service and sales teams.

Screenshot of Dialpads predictive Ai CSAT feature

The Power of Ai CSAT

See how automatically collecting CSAT scores across every conversation can transform your customer service.

Screenshot of Dialpads AI powered post call summary with transcript and recording

Streamlining QA with Dialpad

Explore how Ai Scorecards help ensure your customer-facing team members maintain standards of excellence.

Screenshot of Dialpads real time assist card feature popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call

Improving agent performance with Dialpad

Dialpad’s suite of agent empowerment features can help improve end-to-end agent performance.

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