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Dialpad protects your business and customer communications with enterprise-grade security that’s built right in.
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Our compliance certifications & memberships

Enterprise-level encryption

Calls over the VoIP network and in-transit web requests are encrypted using TLS. At rest, application data is permanently stored using AES 256-bit on the Google Cloud Platform.

Role-based access

Control access to certain features at the company, office, department, or user level. Granular permission levels can also be assigned for integrations across the platform.

Single sign-on

Dialpad offers integrations for access management via SAML and SCIM from providers like Okta, Azure, Google Workspace, OneLogin, and more.

Industry compliance across the board

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Securely enable your hybrid workforce

Sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with one click to ensure that your business is set up to address data privacy requirements across Europe, the US, or wherever work finds you. Plus, every call with Dialpad uses WebRTC technology and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol for encryption and authentication—making us more secure than traditional phone networks.

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Record and transcribe calls with built-in privacy features

Record and transcribe calls with built-in privacy features Dialpad allows admins to configure call recording settings to comply with applicable laws—including the ability to play automated prompts to alert callers. Plus, in-call indicators make it clear whenever you’re recording. Granular controls can also pause recordings automatically whenever sensitive data is detected on screen.

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Customize data retention and management

Dialpad offers analytics and export capabilities for sensitive data that can be managed by your admins. After all, your data belongs to you. We’ll retain data until you choose to delete it. Enterprise customers can set their own retention policies to remove, archive, or anonymize data on a custom time interval. Data subject requests are available in our help center.

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Protect sensitive information with Dialpad Ai’s PII Redaction

Dialpad PII Redaction is an Ai-driven feature designed to automatically identify and protect sensitive information in call transcripts. By leveraging machine learning algorithms to recognize and redact personal data, this capability ensures that personal identifiable data (PII) like credit card or social security numbers remain hidden from unauthorized eyes—while leaving the rest of the content intact.

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Yes. Buuut there are some measures you need to take to make sure it’s set up correctly for use by healthcare providers.


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