Call Flip

Have you ever taken a call from your computer, but need to step away without interrupting the conversation? You can do that with Call Flip. Dialpad lets you move a call from your laptop to your smartphone (or your tablet) and vice versa—without the other person ever knowing. Sign up for a free trial to try it out!

What is a Call Flip?”

First off, it has nothing to do with those flip phones from the early 2000s.

Call flipping is a feature found in some business phone systems that allows you to move phone calls from one device to another.

Let’s say you’re on a lengthy call on your cell phone. Another 10 minutes and you’ve got a sale worth some mighty big bucks—but you see that the battery bar on your phone is nearly at zero. No problem!

Simply flip the call to another device that’s linked to your Dialpad account and you can continue the conversation there without dropping the call or interrupting it. This will work on your laptop, tablet, or old Motorola!

Best of all, there’s no need to even tell the other person on the line that you’re flipping the call. Everything happens seamlessly through the mobile or desktop app.

How do I use Call Flip?

Moving calls between your Dialpad-connected devices is seamless and easy.

  1. Call Flip is a feature in Dialpad’s unified communications platform (which also comes with video conferencing and messaging) / business phone system, so you’ll need to sign up for a Dialpad account first.

  2. Download the desktop and mobile app, and go into your Settings to check that the devices you’re using are listed there. (You can configure everything else here too.) You’ll then be able to Call Flip between these at will.

  3. While you’re on your live call on one device (say, your computer), just open the Dialpad app on the device that you want to move the call to. (Maybe your mobile phone?) In Dialpad, you just have to open up the app on your phone, and you’ll be able to see any active calls that you’re on (regardless of which device you started that call on) in your home screen:

  4. Hit the "Switch Call to This Device" button on the touchscreen of that second device.

  5. That’s it! You don’t need to tap any other buttons on the keypad—your call will instantly continue on the new device and end on the original device.

High call quality on the flip

Because of Dialpad’s modern pure cloud architecture, when a live call moves between devices, the quality of the transmission stays consistent. That means both call participants enjoy the same level of audio fidelity—even if you're flipping the call from Wi-Fi calling to carrier or vice versa.

The benefits of Call Flip: Never cut a call short again

Cutting a call short has broken more than a few hearts, ruined countless business deals, and left many a customer disgruntled. With call flipping functionality, you can make these a thing of the past.

It gives you more flexibility and mobility

If you’re on an important call with a potential investor in your business or an important customer, you can’t just say, “I’ll have to call you back in one minute,” or “Can I send you an SMS to finish the deal?”

But what if you’re late to pick your kid up from daycare, or if your phone is about to die?

If you had Dialpad’s app downloaded on your phone and computer, you could use Call Flip to send the call between your devices.

Frequently asked questions about flipping calls

Does Call Flip or device switching cost anything?

No. The Call Flip feature comes included in all Dialpad plans without any added fees!

How many times can a live call be flipped between devices?

There's no limit to the number of times a call can be moved.

Can you flip calls between devices with different operating systems?

Yep. Your devices’ operating systems won't affect your ability to switch between them. Dialpad works on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac—so whether you have iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you can flip calls in the app. Just make sure to set up your computer, business phone, or cell phone (or even your home phone), to your Dialpad account.

What does the other person experience when I'm flipping a call?

Nothing. The transition is completely seamless. The only thing is the volume of the call may seem louder if the microphone is closer to your mouth on the switched device.

Can I flip a call to a device with a different phone number?

No. You have to be signed into the same Dialpad account and using the same number to do a Call Flip. But you can transfer calls to different phone numbers.

Do I need Bluetooth turned on to do a Call Flip?


Does Call Flip work with desk phones?

Yes! Call Flip can be done with some Obihai and SIP devices.

Is call flipping the same as call forwarding?

Nope, call flipping is different from call forwarding. When you’re forwarding an incoming call, there might be a few seconds of downtime (or lively hold music) while the call connects to another device. Call flipping happens on a live, active call and involves no downtime—the conversation continues as though only a single device has been used throughout.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I learn more about Call Flip?

Check out this article for more information on Call Flip (Device Switching).