Introducing a new era of Customer Intelligence

Get Ai-powered CSAT on 100% of calls.
Screenshot of Dialpad's Ai CSAT feature


Increase CSAT by 14% in less than three weeks

Automatically collect CSAT scores on every call

Truly listen to all of your customers and analyze 100% of your conversations in real time.

Gain predictive insights right out of the box

No setup needed. Dialpad’s predictive analytics make it easy for every company to access meaningful customer insights without complicated customization.

Improve CSAT in real time

Empower supervisors, agents, and sellers to take action with real-time customer intelligence and insights.

Screenshot of Dialpad's predictive Ai CSAT feature


Combine Ai CSAT with SMS surveys for unparalleled accuracy

Develop a rich picture of CX at every stage of the journey

Leverage the combination of SMS surveys with real-time Ai CSAT to provide a holistic view of the customer experience.

CSAT accuracy you can trust

We've analyzed thousands of conversations to develop deep learning models that infer customer satisfaction with 87% accuracy and continue to improve over time with use.

The highest CSAT coverage in the game

Move away from traditional survey response rates of 5% to 100% coverage with Ai CSAT.

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Loved by the world’s most innovative brands

Game-changing Ai features

Automatic predictive CSAT insights

Organize CSAT scores by line of business to truly understand customer sentiment.

Real-time reporting

Stop waiting for enough CSAT responses to react. Ai CSAT gives responses seconds after the call.

Agent performance reports

Get granular down to the agent. See how remote agents are performing as easily as agents in the office.

SMS surveys

Strengthen Ai CSAT accuracy by utilizing our SMS survey feature as an additional data input.

Real-time agent assist

Assist cards instantly pop up on agents' screens with all the relevant information for certain topics—as soon as specific keywords or phrases are spoken.

Collect CSAT scores on 100% of customer calls

Dialpad’s Ai Contact Center gives agents one, beautiful workspace to manage every customer conversation.