Be everywhere at once with Ai Coaching Hub

See metrics, monitor adherence, and identify coaching opportunities with Ai Coaching Hub.
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Up your coaching game with Dialpad Ai

See all grades and scores at-a-glance

Rely on one dashboard, featuring a customizable leaderboard, to view all performance metrics, scorecard grades, and CSAT scores in one place.

Easily monitor agent and rep adherence

Ensure that your team is complying with best practices and identify those who have low adherence to your prescribed playbooks.

Identify live coaching opportunities

See conversations ranked from low to high quality, and easily identify opportunities for real-time and post-call coaching.

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Keep an eye on customer delight

Use Ai CSAT to combine customer sentiment and intent signals to infer CSAT scores for all calls.

Quickly identify caller intent

Monitor sales and contact center conversations, identify a caller’s intent, and intervene based on specific keywords with Ai Call Purpose.

Optimize quality assurance

Automatically grade every conversation against your pre-determined quality metrics with Ai Scorecards.

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Speed up sales readiness with Ai Playbooks

Customize, automate, and control the quality of your sales training so you can get reps up to speed fast.

Guide reps and agents with Real-Time Assist (RTA) Cards

Provide sales reps with triggered pop-ups that include speaking points, recommended workflows, and best practices for navigating calls.

Surface the right answers with Ai Agent Assist

Equip agents with immediate answers to customer questions using content from your knowledge bases.

Simplify administrative tasks with Ai Recaps

Enable your teams to automate call summaries, get recommended next steps after every meeting, and save all records to your favorite CRM.

Free up your agents and reps with Ai Chatbot

Deflect and resolve simple calls, and free up agents and reps to focus on complex issues or higher value calls.

Make customers feel safe with PII Redaction

Protect your customers’ personally identifiable information like credit card and social security numbers with PII Redaction.

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Ai Voice

Bring all business conversations together on a single platform, automate note-taking, and help teams stay productive.

Ai Meetings

Equip teams with immersive, one-click HD meetings, complete with screen-sharing and chat.

Ai Contact Center

Expedite onboarding, simplify coaching, and empower agents to deliver customer delight.

Ai Sales

Streamline coaching and automate routine lead management tasks so reps can close deals faster.

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