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Total quality
control with
Ai Scorecards

Say goodbye to manual quality control, recording reviews, and inefficient agent grading. Dialpad Ai delivers accurate scorecards on all customer conversations, so you can coach effectively.

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Grade every customer conversation with Dialpad Ai


Ai Templates

Quickly create new scorecards with access to prebuilt templated questions, or create new templates to quickly establish new evaluation criteria.

Ai Coaching

Immediately identify areas for improvement with agents and teams, dig into macro data and individual calls to identify appropriate corrective action and coaching.

Ai Scorecards

Automatically score every customer conversation against designed quality metrics, avoiding time consuming call shadowing and recording review.


Track performance of individuals, teams, and departments, understanding the effectiveness of scorecards and coaching over time.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Ai Scorecard feature

Utilize Ai Scorecards to
track performance

Ai Scorecard templates provide out-of-the-box templates so you can get started right away evaluating customer conversations, ensuring that all contact meets the criteria and standards of excellence established by your organization.

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Share grades to guide
coaching sessions

Give structure and action to your 1:1 meetings with comprehensive scoring. Ai Scorecards removes any guesswork and allows you to focus on coaching agents and sellers so their skills and success continue to increase.

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Instantly evaluate every
customer interaction
with Ai

Ai Scorecards saves you time and makes you more effective by eliminating the need for shadowing or recording review. Every interaction is evaluated and graded by Dialpad Ai.

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Measure results across teams, agents, and scorecards

Ai Scorecards allows you to grade and analyze the customer experience at scale, with tracking over time at a macro level, and detailed analytics at the micro level, ensuring positive customer experiences that improve over time.

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