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Smarter, faster
recruitment with Ai

Gain total visibility across all candidate interactions and boost acceptance rates with Ai-powered business intelligence, live coaching, and real-time assists.

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Streamline talent acquisition

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Find the right talent

Reach more candidates in less time using our Salesforce power dialer and voicemail drop features—all fully integrated with your CRM.

Eliminate manual tasks

Dialpad’s Ai technology supports your team at every step of the recruitment process. Our native Ai transcribes candidate calls, tracks action items, analyzes caller sentiment, and delivers it all to your inbox in a post-call summary.

Improve productivity in one, beautiful workspace

Automatically log calls, SMS messages, and video meetings all from a single app. Plus, streamline workflows using out-of-the-box integrations with tools like Bullhorn, Recruitly, and Google Workspace.


Build high-impact recruitment teams

Virtual interview through Dialpad Meetings

Acquire top talent with Ai Assist

Our built-in Ai assistant keeps conversations moving in the right direction, empowering recruiters with live objection handling and relevant candidate information on the fly.

Know what’s working and what’s not

See where your team is performing well and where they need help with Dialpad’s extensive analytics toolkit. Plus, you can support recruiters during and after conversations with real-time coaching and call analysis.

Deliver a better candidate experience

Combine SMS surveys with real-time CSAT scores to identify ways of improving candidate engagement.


Work and recruit from anywhere

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One place for all your conversations

Seamlessly transition between candidate conversations, team calls, meetings and messaging—all in one intuitive app.

Stay connected with candidates at every step

Set up call routing so candidates can reach the right recruiter at the right time. Recruiters can also host video interviews with just one click, and send quick text message updates to candidates.

Extend your global reach

Expand your target pool and build relationships with candidates across the planet with always-on connectivity from any device.

See why recruiting teams love Dialpad

Healthcare professional recruiting page

“Average external talk time per employee is up by 90 minutes per week versus this time last year, and our call volume has increased three-fold.”

Will Musto
Director of Operations
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“We wanted to have a global partner that we really trust and provide the same level and quality of service with a unified approach around the globe.”

Fernando Brías Cobos
Global Branch Network & Voice Services Product Owner
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“With Dialpad’s analytics and reports, we can see how many people a caller talks to in an hour.”

Amanda Springer
Executive Director

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