Live Coach™

Dialpad's Live Coach™ provides real-time coaching and sales recommendations, helping new sales reps get up to speed quickly. Using Coaching Groups, sales managers can also listen in on calls, provide advice, and take over when needed.

Coaching Groups

We all need a bit of help closing the deal sometimes. Live Coach™ allows sales managers to create coaching groups and provide support to new agents when they need it. Sentiment Analysis shows how all live calls are going at a glance, and managers can choose to listen in on the agent-customer conversation and join in on the call when a bit of additional support is required.

Real-Time Recommendations

The best salespeople always have the answers to even the toughest questions. Live Coach™ makes this possible by providing every sales agent with Real-Time Assist, which would give them the details they need—triggered by specific keywords and phrases within the conversation—at the exact moment they need it. This way, whether it’s an obscure product question or competitive intelligence, reps are armed with the correct answer at all times.

Speech Coaching

Sometimes it’s not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. Live Coach™ provides built-in Speech Coaching, which lets sales reps know if they’re speaking too quickly, not quickly enough, using too many filler words, or not listening to what the customer’s saying. This ensures that the conversation follow a natural cadence, which can drastically improve the outcome of the call.