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Call analytics

Want to better understand your customers and improve your customer experience? You need call analytics. Good call analytics tools provide actionable insights about call volumes, average call length, average speed to answer, conversion rate, satisfaction and more. See how Dialpad's can improve your call center performance with a demo!


Real-time metrics, real-time decisions. See what’s going on in your business with built-in dashboards that show you metrics like ongoing calls, average speed to answer, agent availability, and much more.

With a leaderboard that tracks call volume, moments, and sentiment, managers can easily pinpoint where agents or reps need help.

Robust, built-in call analytics with Dialpad

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General call analytics

From missed calls to abandoned calls, supervisors can get a clear overview of how the team is performing at all times, right inside Dialpad intuitive online dashboard.

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Heat maps

Beyond the dashboard, you can also see heatmaps that show call volume patterns and also average speed to answer. This way, your business managers can see which days of the week are busier than others and schedule your employees accordingly.

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Real-time transcriptions

Dialpad's proprietary artificial intelligence technology, Dialpad Ai, can transcribe calls—in real time—more accurately than Google. Not only that, it also sends a meeting recap email to conference call attendees, which includes a searchable transcript, action items, and more.

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IVR analytics

Customize your call routing and IVR menu options right in your online dashboard in minutes, and use Dialpad's analytics to see which menu options are being used by callers (and which aren't) to continually optimize your caller experience.

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Robust compliance measures

Not only does Dialpad have stringent security and compliance standards, it also has APIs to allow for automatic disabling of call recordings in addition to in-meeting controls. Hosts can mute participants, remove unwanted guests, admit online attendees through a virtual waiting room, and more. Dialpad is used by organizations in highly regulated industries like healthcare, real estate, and education.

Need better call analytics for your business?

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The benefits of having a call analytics platform

It helps you better understand your customer touchpoints

When you have a good virtual call centre or contact centre software, call tracking and analytics can give you tangible insights that help you improve your customer experience.

Customers need different things at different points on their journey. For example, early on at the consideration stage, they need information, while post-conversion, they need a good customer support experience to stay with you long-term.

By analysing these touchpoints and your call analytics, you can see, for example, if hold times are way too long and causing customers to abandon calls, and if you need to optimise that customer journey to reduce hold times and the workload on agents. (These insights can help with both inbound and outbound calls!)

It helps improve your agent training

Customer experience is key to customer engagement, and your agents are key to that experience. Call analytics give you a detailed understanding of what customers like, what problems they're contacting you about, pain points, and more.

Sales and support teams can use this enhanced understanding of customers to improve their training materials for new agents and reps. For example, if a company's pricing packages are a bit more complicated and their call analytic show that customers call the most often about pricing, they might make pricing a focal point of agent training when new hires are onboarding to set them up for success.

The best call analytics software is built right in

Dialpad’s contact centre platform gives you a phone system with built-in analytics—without you needing to purchase a separate call analytics tool.

With Dialpad Ai Contact Centre, you can track data in real time, including metrics like call duration, average speed to answer, and CSAT scores, all right from your online dashboard. See how it works with a demo!