Track Support Tickets Faster Than Ever

Tickets tell the whole story, and our integrations with platforms such as Zendesk and ServiceNow automate every part of them. Dialpad’s customer service software integrations create, locate, and manage tickets. First-time customers reaching out will get a ticket created as soon as an agent answers, allowing the agent to start taking notes. As for known customers, existing tickets are displayed instantly and include reference numbers, case details, and more data specific to each customer. Tap into contextual customer information that leads to a stronger customer experience.

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Seamless, Quick Setup & Sync

We know that you’re busy, so don’t worry about wasting time setting up an integration properly. Dialpad’s integrations are enabled and ready to use in just a few clicks. Sync your call center once, then agents’ calls, messages, and notes are constantly updated between Dialpad and the integration’s source. Take the legwork out of managing these tools and return to focusing on meaningful customer interactions that boost a call center’s performance.

Seamless quick setup UI

CRM Where You Need It, When You Need It

Stay in your CRM app — information crucial to your business lives there. Salesforce and Kustomer integrations run Dialpad to display contact profiles and automatically log calls, voicemails, recordings, transcriptions, and more in a single place. Dialpad and CRM databases also streamline coaching — our Voice Intelligence listens for keywords to offer real-time assist cards while agents are on calls. CRM is an always-on component and needs attention during calls, not minutes or hours later.