Phones and Devices

Dialpad continues to offer and support certain models of Desk Phones, as we understand that not every role relies on the use of smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

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Obibt wireless
OBiBT Wireless Adapter


O Bi
OBi for Dialpad Adapter


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Existing customers can order directly from within Desk Phone settings.

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Headsets Integrated with Dialpad

We've partnered with Jabra & Poly to provide seamlessly integrated headset function for users and agents.

Jabra Engage 50 Stereo front angle 1 2x resized
Jabra Engage 50
40 duo angled with cord trans 01 1 resized
Jabra Evolve 40
Poly Voyager 8200
Poly Voyager 8200
Poly Voyager 6200
Poly Voyager 6200
Poly Voyager 5200
Poly Voyager 5200
Poly B825 M
Poly Voyager Focus B825-M

Want to use your current desk phones, laptops, or smartphones?