A new way to meet, with built-in Ai

Connect teams around the world with one-click video conferencing and live Ai transcriptions.
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Teamwork has never been this easy

One-click meetings

Meet with a click straight from your browser or the app. No downloads, no PINs.

Ai-powered productivity

Get more done during and after meetings with Ai tools like live transcription and call summaries.

Unlimited collaboration

Share your screen, whiteboard new ideas, and collaborate on files together.

Host large meetings for free

Increase your participant limit to 1,000 and unlock advanced moderator tools. This feature is currently in beta, and available for all paid Dialpad customers.


Beautifully designed, delightfully easy

Brilliant HD video

Get ready for your close-up with reliable video quality every time. Face-to-face meetings finally feel as good as being in-person.

Crisp, clear audio

You’ll never have to ask “how about now” ever again. We’ll instantly reduce background noise so everyone feels heard.

A personalized experience

Pick your layout, background, hold music, and meeting room URL. Because you should mix and match things just the way you like.

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The best way to bring teamwork to life

Only one click away

Join video meetings on any device or browser. It’s never been this easy to bring global teams together in one place.

Made for big ideas

Keep the collaboration going and drive engagement with easy content and file sharing.

Works with your go-to apps

Schedule meetings right from your Microsoft 365 or Google Calendar and log all your activity in Salesforce.

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Your meetings have never been this productive

  • Before you join
    • Agendas

      Upgrade to our all-in-one app and share agendas in team channels so you can lock priorities together.

    • Resources

      Send out relevant files and links in the same messaging channel so everyone comes prepared.

  • During the meeting
    • Content sharing

      Share your screen while streaming video so everyone can follow along.

    • Time management

      Keep your meetings on track with advanced host controls and a helpful meeting timer.

  • After you hang up
    • Call summaries

      Get an automatic email recap with transcripts, recordings, and action items so next steps are clear.

    • Action items

      Share final decisions and send follow-ups in our all-in-one app so the whole team’s tightly aligned.


Built-in Ai changes everything

Our Ai-enabled features let you focus on people and ideas, not note-taking. During every meeting, real-time transcription instantly captures what was said, and by who.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a video call in real time


Instantly turn any space into a meeting room

Easily connect hybrid teams with one-click video-enabled meeting rooms for workspaces of all sizes.

People in a video conference call

Designed for hybrid work

A woman speaking on the phone

Meet at any scale and from anywhere

Schedule 1:1 check-ins or bring the whole company together with a single click.
A hand typing on the keyboard

Invite customers and partners, too

Collaborate with external teams in one seamless, easy-to-join workstream.
A woman in an airport

Connect remote teams at home and beyond

Keep everyone plugged in no matter where they are in the world.

The best part? Call or message in a tap.

A phone showing an incoming call

Ai Voice

Meet the modern business phone with built-in Ai that transcribes calls and tracks action items for you.
A computer showing Dialpads direct messaging feature

Ai Messaging

Chat, share files, and get work done between meetings. It all happens in one workspace.


Even the little things are a huge deal

Meeting controls

Meeting lock, mute/unmute, and guest removal features always keep you in control.

Global scale

Collaborate across time zones with international dial-in access for 50+ countries.

Emoji reactions

Share quick reactions during meetings and keep the engagement going using your favorite emojis.

In-meeting chat

Share links and comments without interrupting the speaker for an even more collaborative experience.

Always-on video

Use picture-in-picture mode to collaborate in another app or document while still viewing video.

Meeting timers

Get a subtle alert when you have five minutes remaining, so everyone knows to wrap things up.

Recordings and transcripts

See a full view of all your past meetings and access recordings or chat transcripts.

We’ll call you

Never get stuck looking for a dial-in number again, thanks to pre-scheduled dial outs.

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Our teams got up and running in minutes. It’s that easy.

Jeremy Cumbie
IT Director at Blue Cliff College

Upgrade your meetings experience

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