Unlock the power of Ai for better healthcare experiences

Optimize patient outcomes, streamline communication and empower your workforce with a suite of innovative tools to transform the way you care for your patients.
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Loved by healthcare teams big and small

Patient-centered care, every time

Elevate the patient journey

Streamline interactions across the entire patient journey.

Transform patient outcomes

Enable your teams with tools to drive outcomes that matter for your patients.

Personalized care, made simple

Leverage AI-powered insights that ensure the best possible patient engagements over time.


Take patient experiences to the next level

Patients deserve a modern approach to healthcare. Deliver seamless experiences that help them manage their health on their own terms. With convenient and immediate access to the resources they need, patients can receive the care they deserve, whenever and wherever they need it.

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Maximize team efficiency

Our intuitive platform provides advanced communication and collaboration tools to boost staff productivity, while coaching and training tools help patient care teams excel during patient interactions. Automate tedious tasks and streamline workflows, allowing your staff to focus on what really matters–delivering exceptional patient care.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time


Optimize care delivery

Gain valuable insights to drive efficient, sustainable care that delivers superior patient experiences. Analyze performance across your healthcare organization to identify areas for improvement and develop targeted strategies for better care delivery and patient satisfaction.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai predictive CSAT feature


Protect and secure patient data

At Dialpad, we take your patients’ privacy seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented industry-leading security measures to protect and secure their data. With our HIPAA-compliant platform, enterprise-level encryption, and customizable data retention policies, you can rest easy knowing that your patients’ information is safe and secure.

Screnshot of Dialpads PII redaction feature


Designed for secure, connected healthcare experiences.

All-in-one app

Streamline your healthcare conversations with a single app for all internal and patient communications.

Intelligent routing

Use customizable IVR and smart routing with keyword detection to quickly connect patients to the right staff members.

Mobile patient care

Provide on-the-go-care from anywhere with our mobile-friendly tools.

Ai Recaps

Never miss a detail with an accurate, Ai-curated synopsis and next steps after every call or meeting.

Real-time coaching

Improve agent performance and patient satisfaction with real-time coaching and Ai Agent Assist.

Real-time assist

Maximize agent performance with triggered pop-ups that offer guided workflows, best practices, and speaking points.

Patient CSAT

Collect feedback on every patient interaction and measure success in real-time with Ai-powered CSAT.

Sentiment analysis

Leverage Ai to quickly detect negative sentiment or distress and proactively address patient needs.

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Empower your staff to provide exceptional patient experiences every time with secure, Ai-powered tools.