Remote Work BANNER

We’ve all seen the headlines. Major conferences are being canceled, companies are eliminating “nonessential travel,” and employees are being told they can skip the commute and work from home. But, can offices without workers maintain productivity and avoid disruption? I believe that with the right tools, they absolutely can. And for companies without those tools, Dialpad is happy to offer a free solution to help bridge the gap.

Last week, I sent a note to our entire company (we have offices all over...Bay Area, Canada, Texas, North Carolina, India, and Tokyo) telling them that every person in every location should work from home. It seems crazy for employees to hop on crowded trains, subways, and buses just to get to a building where they will sit in front of a computer and “work.” Productivity is important, but not at the expense of safety, and we have the tools to make it easy to maintain both.

Dialpad was built to allow people to seamlessly work from anywhere, wherever a high-speed internet connection exists. Company-wide, we use our own tools (DialpadTalk, DialpadSell, DialpadSupport, and Dialpad UberConference) as well as tools like Slack, Google Docs, and Workplace to maintain a high level of collaboration, regardless of location. We have always (since our founding in 2011) implemented a flexible Work From Home policy, so we don’t expect the recent shift to universal WFH to be a huge adjustment in how we work together as a team. For those who work from home, we only ask for an elevated level of communication and general responsiveness to mitigate the impact of not all being in the same physical location.

I recognize that companies face different challenges in supporting a growing need to provide a seamless WFH experience. We want to help. Starting today, we are offering DialpadTalk and Dialpad UberConference PRO versions to any business in North America and Japan, regardless of size, for free. This will continue for the next month or two as things unfold, in the hope that we can help companies quickly adapt to a changing remote workforce and remain as productive as possible from anywhere.

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