Salesforce Integration


The Dialpad for Salesforce integration brings smarter workflows, increased call efficiency, and better customer interactions to Salesforce so your teams can focus on driving more sales and closing deals faster.

Dialpad automatically syncs contact details and logs activities like call history, recordings, voicemails, transcriptions and notes directly from Salesforce to your Dialpad apps.

Dialpad also integrates with Salesforce's power dialer and omnichannel capabilities to drive efficiency for both sales and support teams.

Key Features:

Native Calling

  • Native CTI embedded inside of Salesforce allows for click to call as well as receiving inbound calls
  • Native CTI includes call controls, note logging, and the ability to log against an existing case or opportunity
  • Active Dialpad calls can launch the Dialpad Everywhere widget which includes access to:
    • Contact history with other connected integration platforms (ex: Zendesk)
    • Real-time transcriptions powered by Voice Intelligence™
    • Real-time assist cards powered by Voice Intelligence

Call & Message Logging

  • Automatically log inbound and outbound calls
  • Automatically log SMS messages sent or received
  • Automatically log voicemails, recordings, and transcriptions

Sidebar Integration

  • Display contact profile information from Salesforce natively inside the Dialpad desktop and mobile apps
  • Match the specific Salesforce contact with listed Dialpad contact if multiple matches occur
  • Log tasks or notes to a contact profile and automatically sync back to Salesforce
  • View call activity history from contact profiles


  • Sync agent statuses between Salesforce Omnichannel and Dialpad

Power Dialer

  • Create calling lists and enable power dialer mode on the Dialpad native CTI

Classic & Lightning

  • The Dialpad integration is compatible with both Salesforce Classic and Lightning
  • Salesforce Classic supports click to call which launches the Dialpad desktop app (or Dialpad Everywhere)
  • Salesforce Lightning supports the native CTI

Coach from Anywhere

  • Arm reps or agents with the best answers through real-time assist cards that include responses to frequently asked questions as well as a hyperlink to more information

High-Velocity Sales

  • Allow calls to be triggered from a sales cadence
  • Mark call tasks as complete after the call
  • Branch cadences based on dispositions logged through Dialpad

How Dialpad Integrates with this App:

The Salesforce integration is free to install but requires a Pro and Enterprise Dialpad plan type. Teams will also need an Enterprise or Unlimited edition of Salesforce and/or an edition that supports API access. The Dialpad integration is compatible with both Service and Sales Cloud.

How to setup

Connect Salesforce to Dialpad

In order to integrate Salesforce within Dialpad, here are a few things to note:

  • You must have either Enterprise or Unlimited editions of Salesforce
  • You must enable API access
  • Your Salesforce Admin must enable the Dialpad for Salesforce integration

Dialpad does not store Salesforce activities. It only does a real-time fetch to display information using Salesforce APIs.

Looking for our other Salesforce integrations? Learn more about Classic and Lightning.

To connect Salesforce:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your contact’s profile
  2. Click Connect to Salesforce
  3. Enter your credentials to authenticate the connection

Once you’ve authenticated this connection you should see a Salesforce match populate on your contact’s sidebar whenever you have a match.

In the case where multiple matches appear:

  1. Click on the # of matches
  2. Select the right contact from the populated list
  3. This contact will now sync with your contact in Dialpad

Once you connect, your Salesforce panel will display the following:

  • Salesforce Record Info
  • View Contact (in Salesforce)
  • Log Activity
  • Open Activities
  • Activity History

Salesforce Record

This section displays:

  • Title & Company associated with the Record
  • Record Owner
  • Opportunity Stage (if applicable)

Log an Activity

No need to toggle between Dialpad and Salesforce. Click on Log Activity to enter a subject line and any notes. Let’s take a closer look at logging an open activity vs logging a completed activity.

Looking to log activity on your iOS or Android device?

  • Desktop App
  • Android
  • iOS

Log an Open Activity

You can log an open activity by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your contact
  2. Click Create Task before you place a call
  3. Save Activity before you place a call
  4. The open activity will then show up under Open Activities


Log a Completed Activity

To log a completed activity:

  1. Navigate to your contact
  2. Place a call to your contact
  3. On your active call, start typing in your notes
  4. After you’re done, click Save

Additional info

Sales is a crucial element in most organizations. They’re the savvy influencers who transform leads into conversations into sales into clients. They’re the ones who close the massive deals that make for successful quarters and the hundreds and thousand of small ones that keep the lights on. They’re an integral part of the success of the enterprise. And you want to make sure they have the tools they need to do their job.

The Dialpad Salesforce Integration helps salespeople work more efficiently. With click-to-call functionality, users don’t need to toggle between apps or windows—or worse: pick up a physical phone and manually dial a number. They simply click the number inside Salesforce and Dialpad takes care of the rest. Incoming customer calls? This integration means it happens inside Salesforce. Plus, a record of the call is instantly created and can be logged to cases in Service Cloud.