What does an enterprise organization need in a phone system?

(Hint: It’s not the most expensive one.)

Understand what to look for (and what you don’t need) with this handy checklist. See how a good phone system helps:

  • Make deployment and setting up new hires easier across global enterprise organizations
  • Eliminate manual work in setting up and managing your communications
  • Consolidate and streamline your tech stack (and expenses)
  • And more!

In case you didn’t bother with the checklist yet…

The big things to look for are of course security and reliability, since those are both harder to do when you’re a large organization (compared to a small business).

Oh, and don’t forget about customer support. If you’ve got a team that’s scattered across different time zones, you’ll want global (not just US!) support at all hours.

(Which Dialpad has, for instance…) Tell me more

Telephony at Scale: What features do enterprise organizations need in a phone system?


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