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TED, a media platform devoted to spreading new ideas, has over the last six years flourished into a global phenomenon. Behind the scenes, a lean IT team led by Sr. IT Manager Francil Richards was tasked with empowering TED’s globally distributed workforce.

Prior to Dialpad, TED relied on stationary desk phones that tied users to their offices. Aside from the issue of usability, TED faced the traditional challenges of an on-site PBX system: endless maintenance, constant requirements for extra IT manpower, and high costs. About 50% of TED’s employees—and 70% of the company’s engineers—also work remotely. “We have workers all over the globe. We needed a modern communications platform that could scale with us and bridge the gap between local and remote employees,” explained Richards.

"Dialpad makes our remote workforce feel like they're sitting at HQ."

Francil Richards | Senior IT Manager
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"Dialpad makes our remote workforce feel like they're sitting at HQ."

Francil Richards | Senior IT Manager

Building a connected company

“When I’m making technology decisions for TED, I’m always ensuring that the solution I pick is self-sufficient, easy to service, and low maintenance,” said Richards. “Dialpad enables this type of lean IT approach.” Now, users no longer depend on TED’s IT team for set-up, training, or ongoing technical support. “Dialpad makes it easy to provision a new user in three clicks,” said Richards.

The platform’s ability to work across all popular devices—laptop, smartphone, or tablet—has also in turn resulted in 30% faster adoption rates.

“We’ve eliminated desk phones for good,” explained Richards. “Everyone has a mobile device and laptop, so it's only natural that their business phone work on these devices as well.” TED’s pure-cloud strategy has resulted in an IT stack designed specifically for the modern, anywhere worker.

Employees can now call, text, chat, or make video calls—across their favorite devices. “Dialpad enables our workers stay connected, no matter where work takes them,” said Richards. Whether users are meeting with TEDx organizers, coordinating with global partners, or setting up international events, Dialpad frees them to collaborate from anywhere.

TED works from anywhere with Dialpad

And your teams can, too

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