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How Sunrun is reducing costs by up to 15% with Dialpad Ai

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With a mission to bring clean energy solutions like residential solar, battery backups, and EV chargers to homes across the nation, Sunrun is more than just a company in the renewable energy and home electrification space—it's a movement towards a sustainable future.

Before Sunrun’s partnership with Dialpad, Sunrun grappled with a communication system that was becoming increasingly outdated in an era of rapid digital transformation. Their legacy system lacked modern capabilities such as digital analytics, which is essential for a company scaling at Sunrun's pace. This not only hampered internal operations but also impacted the quality of customer interactions. The need for a streamlined, efficient, and innovative communication solution was evident, leading them to explore options that could bring Sunrun to the forefront of customer service and operational excellence in the renewable energy sector.

We spoke to David Justus, VP of Software Engineering, who is responsible for managing Sunrun’s custom digital products including their CRM and communications platform, and Amy Heinen, Distinguished Technical Program Manager, who is responsible for spearheading the communications overhaul.

“We needed to simplify our platform and gain operational insights”

The journey to Dialpad for Sunrun was a unique blend of legacy and innovation. The initial attraction to Dialpad was rooted in a practical necessity—simplifying their overly complex communication platform. "Our old system was convoluted, with duplicate tools cluttering our workflow. We needed to simplify our communications platform so we can have more operational insights into our organization," explains Amy. This quest for simplicity became even more pertinent when Sunrun acquired Vivint Solar, a company already reaping the benefits of Dialpad's seamless communication solutions since 2015.

David underscores the decision to not just continue, but expand, Sunrun's relationship with Dialpad post-acquisition. "It wasn't just about inheriting a system. It was about recognizing the value Dialpad brought to the table and choosing to grow with it." The AI features of Dialpad, particularly the live transcription and real-time assist capabilities, were standout factors in this decision.

So far, the experience with Dialpad at Sunrun has been overwhelmingly positive. The platform’s intuitive design and robust capabilities are resonating well with both management and the broader team. “It's been a game-changer in terms of how we manage our communication both internally and with our customers,” shares Amy. “The visibility it provides to our managers is unparalleled, ensuring our customer service always aligns with our high standards.”

The use of Dialpad transcends beyond just a tool for communication—it is now an integral part of Sunrun's operational DNA. This seamless integration reflects Dialpad's ability to adapt and cater to the unique needs of a dynamic company like Sunrun, especially in an industry where staying ahead technologically isn't just an advantage, but a necessity.

A 10-15% reduction in costs with increased efficiency

Embracing Dialpad's innovative solutions not only streamlines Sunrun's communication processes but also brings significant cost savings. David notes the tangible financial impact: "By consolidating our communications platform with Dialpad, we've seen a 10-15% reduction in direct costs." This efficiency gain is a substantial stride for Sunrun, reflecting a more streamlined IT operation that echoes throughout the organization.

The efficiency brought about by Dialpad extends beyond mere cost savings. It has revolutionized the way Sunrun's customer support center operates. "By automating a significant portion of our calls, we're not just cutting costs—we're redirecting our energies more effectively," David explains. This automation has led to around a third of the call center volume being handled without direct human intervention, allowing customer service representatives to focus on more complex, value-added interactions with customers.

This strategic shift in call handling is a game-changer for Sunrun. It enhances the overall customer experience, as customers spend less time waiting and more time receiving the focused attention they require. "It's a win-win situation," says David. "Our customers are happier because of the reduced wait times and more personalized service, and our team is more productive, handling calls that truly require their expertise."

In essence, Dialpad is not just a tool for communication for Sunrun but a catalyst for operational transformation. By smartly leveraging AI and automation, Sunrun is optimizing its resource allocation, significantly reducing overheads while simultaneously elevating the level of service offered to their customers. This strategic use of technology underscores Sunrun's commitment to innovation, not just in their products but also in how they conduct their business operations.

Empowering agents to serve customers better

In an era where customer experience is paramount, Sunrun's adoption of Dialpad's AI-driven features is pivotal in enhancing their customer support operations.

Improving team performance with live coaching

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Agent Assist popping up relevant information during a live call

One of the standout features of Dialpad that Sunrun is capitalizing on is the Real Time Assist (RTA) cards. RTA cards are now essential in boosting agent performance. "The RTA cards are really helpful," shares Amy. "They pop up during calls, providing our agents with immediate information and answers, allowing them to respond to customer queries more swiftly and accurately." This instant access to information is not only accelerating response times but also bolstering agents’ confidence in handling a wide array of customer issues.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a live call in real time

Alongside RTA cards, Ai Transcription is equally transformative. "Our agents can keep track of entire conversations, which is invaluable, especially in complex customer interactions," explains David. These transcripts ensure agents don’t miss any detail, allowing agents to provide thorough and considerate customer service.

Serving customers better with greater operational visibility

Sunrun's commitment to customer satisfaction is further reinforced by their use of Ai CSAT and Ai Scorecards. These features offer managers a comprehensive view of how agents are performing and where improvements are needed. "Ai Scorecards give us a clear picture of each agent's performance, helping us focus our training efforts more effectively," says Amy.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Scorecards dashboard

Similarly, the IT support team at Sunrun finds immense value in Ai CSAT. "It’s more than just a tool for external customer service—it’s helping us internally as well, ensuring our teams are supporting each other in the best way possible," Amy adds.

This enhanced operational visibility has been crucial in maintaining the high standards Sunrun sets for customer interactions. By leveraging Dialpad's AI capabilities, Sunrun is not just responding to customer needs but anticipating them, ensuring each interaction is as productive and positive as it can be.

Looking ahead: Dialpad + Playvox and Digital Engagement

As Sunrun continues to experience the transformative effects of Dialpad's AI features, they are looking to roll out the Dialpad + Playvox integration to optimize workforce management. “We’re really excited about this integration because we’ll be able to better schedule our agents and track their statuses in Dialpad,” says Amy.

Sunrun is also looking to explore Dialpad's digital customer engagement platform and Ai Playbooks. This platform is set to revolutionize the way Sunrun interacts with its customers across multiple touchpoints. "Our customers reach out through various channels, and being able to engage with them seamlessly across all these platforms is crucial," explains David. This integration aligns perfectly with their mission to provide top-tier customer service, irrespective of the communication medium.

David reflects on Sunrun’s AI journey and offers advice to others considering a similar path. He emphasizes the importance of a measured approach to AI adoption: "Start small and prove it out, then scale," David advises. This approach is crucial for Sunrun, allowing them to test the waters with AI, gauge its impact, and then expand its application. "It's about finding those specific tasks where AI can boost efficiency, showing its value, and then expanding its use across the organization," he adds.

David's parting thoughts offer a roadmap for those embarking on their AI journey: "It's about trial and error, and not being afraid to pivot if something doesn’t work. AI should be an enabler, a tool that helps us serve our customers better and make more confident business decisions."

As Sunrun continues to explore the vast potential of AI with Dialpad, they remain committed to leveraging these advancements to enhance their customer service, streamline operations, and maintain their status as a leader in renewable energy solutions.

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