Playvox WFM Integration


Workforce Management (WFM) encompasses the tools and processes that a Contact Center undertakes in order to have the right number of staff available at the right time. Playvox WFM arms modern businesses with the most comprehensive, collaborative, and insightful agent optimization suite of Workforce Management capabilities.

Reduce staffing costs, having only the right agents available at the right times to serve your customers. With Dialpad + Playvox, your Contact Center can seamlessly sync Agent productivity and scheduling in one unified solution.

Key Features:

  • Forecasting
    • Uses AI and real-time data from Dialpad to automatically generate forecasts, and self-adjust accuracy.

  • Agent Scheduling
    • Takes into account your KPIs, forecasts, business requirements, and goals to fully automate the most efficient agent schedule for your needs.

  • AI-Powered Intraday Management
    • Use real time interaction data from phone, chat, social and ticketing platforms to monitor adherence and occupancy throughout the day, making on-the-fly adjustments.

  • Reporting & Analysis
    • Dashboards and reports help you perform agent-level tracking, optimizing performance and agent engagement.

  • Mobile Access
    • Agent self-service for leave requests, work availability, timesheets, and shift swaps. You spend less time on administration with optional rule-based approvals.

  • Call Events
    • Triggered in close to real time, as calls are processed by Dialpad. Events are used to track real-time performance, for use in forecasting and analytics.

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How to setup

A guided setup is administered within the Playvox application.

Additional info

Additional Information + Support can be found here: