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Ai Recap

No more lengthy call reviews. Dialpad Ai + ChatGPT delivers an accurate, Ai-curated synopsis and next steps after every call or meeting.

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Get conversational insights with Dialpad & ChatGPT


Ai Call Summary

Get a four sentence synopsis of every conversation, including call details, speakers, and general discussion topics.

Ai Call Purpose

Ai Recap automatically logs the reason for the call so you can quickly spot patterns to improve customer service, or easily track conversations related to the same topic.

Ai Call Outcome

Automatically categorize the end result of interactions. Was the issue resolved? Do you need to circle back? Ai Recap will let you know.

Ai Action Items

Identify next steps and follow-up items at a glance with Ai-curated action items after every conversation.

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Get time back with Ai-
curated summaries

Never take notes again. Ai Recap generates a highly accurate, conversational summary of each Ai-enabled call or meeting, so you can focus on revenue generating activities, instead of reviewing transcripts or meeting notes.

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Make better decisions
with Ai-driven insights

Each Ai Recap includes a summary of your conversation and Ai-recommended action items, making it easy to track critical follow-up items. For global teams or customer support staff, this provides extra clarity and ensures no tasks are left behind.

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Drive team productivity
with generative Ai

Ai Recap quickly identifies all the key points from your conversation. It also categorizes the call purpose and the call outcome, so you can track trending items over time and monitor for specific topics.

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Share action items and
follow up in a click

After every call or meeting, Dialpad Ai also writes helpful follow up emails or text messages for you—so you can stay on top of critical tasks. These messages are generated right in your Dialpad workspace, all you have to do is hit send.

All built on Dialpad’s
leading Ai platform

Advanced generative Ai technology

Ai Recap utilizes Dialpad’s Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform and ChatGPT to deliver accurate and concise summaries of all your conversations.

Proprietary NLP & NLU Models

Ai Recap incorporates Dialpad’s proprietary NLP and NLU models, improving the accuracy and relevance of your summaries and categorizations over time.

Tailor Dialpad Ai to your business

You can customize the category tags for our call purpose and call outcome features, and leverage integrations with other Dialpad features to fit your unique business needs.

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