Prodoscore Integration


Prodoscore integrates with your company’s Dialpad phone system. Each team member’s productivity score for the day will include time spent on Dialpad calls.

Once connected, you can go to an employee’s page to view phone calls made for a certain day. Clicking a specific call will display more detail.

How to setup

Installation instructions also available here.


A user needs the following requirements to integrate the Dialpad into the Prodoscore application.

· Registered domain to the Prodoscore application.

· The User should have a phone system license.

· The User should have a Dialpad instance for the domain.

How to integrate the Dialpad module with Prodoscore – Install Instructions

1. An Administrator in your Prodoscore Ecosystem can setup the Dialpad integration to Prodoscore by navigating as follows. Prodoscore → Settings → Products → Phone System

2. The Administrator can the select Dialpad from the Drop Down.

3. Next, the administrator can authenticate and associate Dialpad to the Prodoscore application by selecting “Authenticate with Dialpad”

4. Enter the administrator credentials for Dialpad

5. A separate window will appear to allow Prodoscore to access the Dialpad account. Select "Allow" when prompted.

OAuth2 Authentication is used to authenticate the Dialpad APIs which means users’ usernames and passwords are not stored, only the API tokens are stored.

6. The user is then directed to the Prodoscore settings page which displays a success message.

7. The administrator can map the employees with the telephone number/email to which it auto maps if Dialpad username and employee telephone number/email matches.

8. When the setup is completed, Prodoscore will start fetching Dialpad data.

9. Individual calls can be opened to ascertain further details.


  • When a user makes a call to another user, and if the receiver did not accept the call, then the user can send a voice mail. That voice mail is recorded as a call event for the sender, and it will not be flagged. But for the receiver (person who did not accept the call), will get that record as a voice mail and that record will be flagged.
  • When a user makes a video call in Dialpad, that video call activity is not captured to display in the Prodoscore dashboard due to the existing API limitations.
  • When a user makes a call and adds another participant to the same call (ie: altogether three people in the call), the sender will get two records for the same call. The score is allocated for the non-overlapping call durations out of those two records.

Additional info

Prodoscore captures employee activity within various applications in order to generate a score, which is an indicator of employee productivity and engagement, and tool adoption.

Prodoscore’s Dialpad integration allows users of both applications to visualize Dialpad activity within Prodoscore.