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Randstad scales its global HR enterprise with a single Ai voice solution


If you’ve ever had to fill open roles for a global enterprise, you’ve probably heard of Randstad—the world’s largest talent company—and a global employment and staffing agency with 700 locations around the world.

With 50,000 employees serving millions of businesses and job seekers worldwide, communication is vital. But, their existing model of using different phone systems in each location wasn’t working well anymore. Managing so many separate local desktop applications was challenging, and maintaining the same service quality in every location was virtually impossible.

We spoke to Fernando Brías Cobos, Global Branch Network and Voice Services Product Owner at Randstad Digital Factory, who leads an international team that manages IT and voice communications for all their recruiters.

“We wanted to move away from physical infrastructure, and we wanted a cloud-based voice solution,” says Cobos.

They needed a cloud-based solution that could support such a large global, modern—and still-and growing—team.

Rinio Veeris, IT Specialist, and Erwin van der Meulen, Head of Global Application Management, also shared how Dialpad has transformed Randstad’s recruiting workflows, automated busywork, and saved their team’s time.

“Our teams were using different legacy tools around the globe”

There were several key reasons why Randstad selected Dialpad as their single voice service.

Most importantly, Randstad needed to consolidate its global IT services. Previously, their worldwide offices were using independent voice services, which was getting hard to manage and causing inefficient workflows.

“All our teams were using different legacy tools and desk phones to stay connected around the globe,” says Rinio.

“We wanted to have a global partner that we really trust and provide the same level and quality of service with a unified approach around the globe. We didn’t want to have to look for a different solution in each country.” Fernando shares.

Dialpad’s AI-powered communications solution, on the other hand, does everything that a legacy phone system can do—and everything that it can’t, with voice, video, chat, SMS/MMS, and more importantly, AI functionality fully integrated.

Best of all, it gives Randstad’s team 100% uptime, so they won’t have to worry about dropped calls or service.

Saving 10% of time with AI-powered transcriptions

Today, Randstad’s recruiters work more seamlessly with Dialpad’s AI-powered communications platform, especially when they plan to implement call recording and voice transcription features, for the US team with their candidate calls:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

With industry-leading AI that transcribes calls and even voicemails, takes notes, and tracks action items right in their enterprise communication solution, Randstad’s recruiters can save time, stay focused on their conversations, and provide more consistent and high-quality interactions instead of using many disjointed voice applications in each location.

“Now, we have a unified contact center platform for all our recruiters and consultants,” says Rinio. “Dialpad’s AI-powered features have helped us save 10% of time and speed up the candidate screening process.”

For a company that manages over 600,000 candidates at any given time across its global recruitment contact centers, this is a big deal. “Dialpad makes it easy for our recruiters to stay connected in a single workspace, and place candidates even faster,” says Rinio.

In addition, Randstad’s teams manage over 1,400 departments, and each one can have complex and unique needs. Dialpad makes the user management and administration process simple. “With Dialpad, we can add new users and spin up contact centers very quickly, across any of our offices,” says Erwin.

Saving five hours per week with integrations

One of the biggest reasons why Fernando and his team chose Dialpad was because Dialpad is a Google Cloud Partner, with a robust and polished Google Workspace integration. Currently, the team is using Dialpad’s integration with Google single sign-on, but they’re excited to start implementing the Google integrations such as Dialpad’s Chrome Extension too.

As a Google Cloud Partner, Randstad can also use its Google Cloud Platform committed spend to purchase Dialpad, which was a big factor when selecting Dialpad.

“It was essential for us to be able to spend the money used to purchase Dialpad towards our committed Google Cloud spend," says Fernando.

It was clear they needed a more flexible voice application that could expand and grow with them, regardless of their employees’ location, the team’s growth rate and size, and Dialpad just made sense as a Google Cloud Partner.

Not only that, but Dialpad’s Salesforce integration is also integral to their team’s current workflow. With click-to-call native calling, Randstad’s recruiters can enable power dialer mode directly in Salesforce with Dialpad to reach out to more candidates more quickly:

“Salesforce is also an important integration for us with Dialpad, with the click-to-dial functionality. You can make the call directly from the application, without having to use a different application. It’s integrated automatically in Salesforce,” says Fernando.

Screenshot of Dialpads Salesforce integration with embedded dialer

“We expect to save five hours per week with Dialpad’s integrations, like the Salesforce and Google Workspace Integrations,” says Erwin.

Unparalleled global migration and support

A couple of things have stood out to Randstad’s team so far. Because each of their 39 offices was using independent, local IT services, rolling out new software to their team worldwide was a huge feat.

Between communicating and coordinating with their global team, migrating sensitive data, and supporting the migration experience from beginning to end, Randstad has been impressed with Dialpad’s migration and support teams.

“[Dialpad’s] always been very supportive of us,” says Fernando. “It was all very new for us. We didn’t have a cloud-based solution in place, and we were learning as we went along. Last year, we first did the migration in NL, where we’re headquartered and have a huge team. Dialpad’s team gave a lot of visibility internally.”

Their following implementations in Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, and New Zealand were swift, with fast and accurate admin management in over 1,400 departments. France, Belgium, and the United States are coming soon.

“One of the things we found with Dialpad is that with the Professional Services team who implemented Dialpad, they’re really supportive, and they can do things as fast as we require,” says Cobos.

Looking ahead: Ready for 150% growth with Ai Coaching and Ai Agent Assist

Now that Randstad has completed the first stage of moving its global IT services to Dialpad, their next steps are to expand global operations with Dialpad—their anticipated growth? 150% in global users over the next 3 years.

To do this, Randstad’s team is looking to tap into more Dialpad features like Ai Coaching, Ai Assist, and Ai Playbooks to further improve the way their recruiters source, screen, and place candidates.

“We’re incredibly excited about the future, especially as Dialpad continues to introduce innovative new Ai tools for recruiting,” says Rinio. “From screening candidates to placing them, our recruiters are using Dialpad Ai to power all of their conversations. And this is just the beginning.”

Rinio’s particularly looking forward to seeing Randstad benefit further from Dialpad with enhanced productivity, data-driven insights, and an improved user experience.

Erwin agrees. “Dialpad Ai works for our recruiting team at every step and makes it easy for our recruiters to create the best customer experiences.”

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