We’re always working to make Dialpad better. Here’s a quick look at the changes and upgrades we’ve made to Dialpad this quarter.

Spam call blocking

We know spam calls are more than just an annoyance—they can be disruptive to your business and tie up your phone lines. To give our customers more control over how spammy calls are handled, we’ve developed a multi-layered approach to call blocking and spam prevention which lets users set specific settings for their direct user lines, including:

  • Automatically blocking callers with high SPAM scores
  • Full block (play “Number not in service” message)
  • Straight to voicemail (no notification)
  • Straight to voicemail (notification plus live, real-time voice transcription)
  • IVR screening (“Please state your name and Dialpad will try to connect you”)

More call routing and transfer options

Ensuring customers are handled by the appropriate agents not only makes your team more efficient and productive, it also improves the overall customer experience. That’s why we’re developing new call routing and call transfer options, so your customers get their issues solved faster. Here are two ways we’ve made that easier:

  • Skills based routing allows call centers to designate agents, as they become available, as specialists in certain products or issues to better handle specific conversations, instead of forcing customers to go through the queue before getting to the right agent.
  • Warm transfers let agents contact and wait for the next agent to answer, then doing an introduction before handing off the call, so the next agent isn’t caught unprepared.

HubSpot integration

You can now keep up with all your recent HubSpot activity without having to leave the Dialpad app. This native integration with HubSpot improves user productivity by auto-logging both inbound calls and outbound calls to HubSpot and by giving users the ability to add call summaries, set call dispositions, and more.

Learn more about this recent integration here.

Dialpad Ai Sales: Officially launched!

In May we had our biggest product release with Dialpad Ai Sales—a real-time artificial intelligence solution for sales organizations. It’s the first true real-time speech recognition product on the market for sales teams, and can transcribe conversations, track customer sentiment, provide suggestions to questions and analyze conversations—all in real-time.

Some of the key benefits of Dialpad Ai Sales include:

Learn more about Dialpad Ai Sales.

Coming soon:

Here’s a preview of a few of the updates coming up next.

  • CSAT (customer satisfaction) surveys for Dialpad Ai Contact Center, an automated way to collect customer satisfaction scores, post-call.
  • Power dialer for Dialpad Ai Sales, an automated dialing system that allows reps to reach out to prospects more efficiently.
  • Call dispositions, which lets call center and sales managers create custom call dispositions for agents and reps to apply to their calls.