Why Does Your Company Need a Softphone Feature

The days of traditional phone systems are numbered. Increasingly, more flexible enterprise business phone systems are becoming popular — providing functionality that far exceeds their predecessors.

In a nutshell, softphone systems are software-based phones that blend the power of phones and computers. They allow users to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make calls via the internet on connected devices (like computers). Finally, they use a slick visual interface that allows you to simulate a dial pad and other features.

At their core, softphones provide the ability to make phone calls, along with many of the other calling features you'd expect from any phone system, such as:

The list doesn't end there, though, because softphone systems also come with features that make them quite the leap over your run-of-the-mill business phone setup. Reading over the following advantages should encourage you to consider making the switch — if you haven't done so already.

Save Money

Far and away, the number-one benefit afforded by softphone systems is the reduced cost.

The exact amount will vary based on your old phone system/plan's specifics compared to a newer softphone setup. Most softphone plans cost only a fraction of their traditional counterparts — but that's not the only place you'll save money by making a switch, as softphone systems require far less hardware as well.

Any traditional business phone system will necessitate physical phones. Just buying phone units to accommodate your entire staff will run up costs, but you've also got to make sure you have the landline infrastructure to ensure that the phones work — and pay for maintenance when things go awry, which all troubles you more as time goes on.

Since softphones require only an internet connection and a computer, your up-front costs will be far lower than having an old-school business phone system installed, and your maintenance costs down the line will be similarly reduced.

Add the fact that you won't need any dedicated connection for your business voice communications, and you'll see that the savings with softphones keep adding up.

Softphones Bring the Features

Softphone systems allow you to do what you could with a traditional phone system and then some. Beyond that basic level of business phone functionality, most softphones offer relevant features for the modern workplace, including:

  • The ability to rapidly switch from music or computer audio to a call on your headset
  • Drag-and-drop call transfers that do away with PINs and extensions
  • Visual voicemail that shows who called along with transcriptions of each message
  • The ability to conduct video calls and conferencing with multiple participants
  • Incoming call and voicemail notifications through compatible smartphones

As you can see, these are capabilities your bog-standard phone system could only dream of providing.

Visual voicemails and transcriptions, for instance, remove the need for listening to lengthy messages and taking notes. Simultaneously, the ability to conduct video calls gives you face time that can enhance the quality of communication. Combined, these features can significantly improve how well your team works.

Integrate With Your Business

It's one thing for a business phone to work, but it's another for it to fit in among all your other business tools seamlessly. With the right phone system, you can enable even more functionality, like automatically recording call details, so you have a chronological log of which customers have contacted you. Similarly, you can integrate your phone system so that customer records "pop up" during incoming calls.

These examples might go a ways toward improving your customer relations — like allowing you to recall customer details on the spot or address callers more personably.

But the types of integrations you might set up between your softphone system and your existing business tools can go far beyond just customer relationship management. Depending on your specific integrations, you can boost the abilities of your sales engagement software, productivity programs, and much more.

Support Remote Teams

Given how they work, it's easy to get the impression that the whole softphone concept was tailor-made for remote workers.

There's the apparent reason: Softphones offer the ultimate mobility compared to traditional desk phones. Without standard phone hardware to worry about, your employees can log in from anywhere to use a softphone system — but there's even more that makes them ideal for remote teams.

Take, for example, the fact that softphone systems can track which members of your team are online, offline, who's busy, who's not, and other pertinent status info. With the ability to track presence, you can avoid wasting time trying to contact team members who aren't readily available and make better-informed communication decisions.

Coupled with the other softphone systems features — like video chat and instant messaging — you've got everything you need to empower your team.

Fewer Wires and Less Clutter

Traditional phone systems necessitate a lot of hardware and even more wires to keep it all connected.

Desk phones require power adapters and depending on the type of outgoing connection, you might have a few cables running around everyone's workspace as well. Softphones require no more wiring than your computer. You'll be able to cut down on the mess and keep your workspaces clean.

Softphones Keep You Future Proof

Hardware might come and go, but with an internet-based softphone system, you can rest assured that you'll always have the basics covered — no matter how technology changes shortly.

What's more, a softphone system is easy to scale with your business, as you can add more functionality or lines as needed and remove them just as thoroughly.

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