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ClassPass connects 400 employees with a 2-person IT team

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When ClassPass members want to get in shape, they can go to any associated gym or studio and get a workout in—that includes studios all over the world. It’s great for members who need to travel a lot or live overseas, but it just presented one complication for ClassPass itself: how do they reach customers and studios in each of the countries ClassPass is available in?

For most businesses, adding contact centers and phone numbers in multiple countries is a painful and cumbersome process. Randy Tanenhaus, IT Manager of ClassPass, was especially concerned. After all, he was one half of a two-person IT team supporting around 400 employees, and his responsibilities included everything from managing physical equipment to remote troubleshooting.

Throw in a global pandemic moving everyone to a work-from-home environment, and most businesses would be in a tight spot. Could their communications platform really connect support teams around the world and let everyone work remotely?

Dialing without borders

As ClassPass expanded to more countries, it needed new phone numbers and contact centers. Whenever they needed to launch in a new territory, Dialpad was ready to provide them with new numbers. Germany? Absolut. Mexico? Sí. Australia? You’d better believe it, mate.

The biggest driver was the sheer list of countries—the fact that we could expand where we were going to expand and Dialpad basically had it all. The long list of countries we had expanded to and intended to expand to in 2020 was all there.

Randy Tanenhaus
IT Manager

Randy was also very pleased with the service ClassPass received when moving to an international number. While porting and adding international numbers can take time, the amount of time needed was all provided well in advance, so he could prepare accordingly. Whenever ClassPass needed to add more international numbers, he’d know in advance and could contact Dialpad to have the phone numbers ready as soon as they were needed.

Even adding new numbers within the United States is a far easier process than it ever was before.

You just type in the area code and there’s always a list. I’ve never not been able to get one, and then it’s attached to a phone and done. It’s just super quick to provision a phone.

Randy Tanenhaus
IT Manager

No more hardware hassles

Before Dialpad, setting up new phones and numbers was—and we’re quoting Randy here—“a big pain in the rump.”

Ordering physical phones was a ridiculous hassle, since they had to estimate the number of devices they’d need and wait weeks for them to arrive. If they underestimated the number of devices they needed, then it was another few weeks of waiting to get the ones they needed.

And there was still no guarantee the previous provider had phone numbers available in the cities they wanted—much less international numbers.

So it’s easy to imagine how relieved the staff at ClassPass felt when they found out how Dialpad can work across devices. There’s no more need for physical phones, and employees can use their business numbers on their mobile phones, on the computer app, or on any web browser.

New hires no longer have to wait for devices to come in and numbers to get set up. Even setting up entirely new offices is just so much easier (not to mention faster) now that they have Dialpad.

Now that it’s all softphone-based, it’s five minutes and done to set up a new hire. Grab a number and go. And to set up new offices, within a week we’re good to go for a whole brand new location.

Randy Tanenhaus
IT Manager

Sell from just about anywhere

ClassPass’ sales team had a recurring issue: they’d try to set up a video conference with a studio, only to find out that they were using incompatible devices or browsers.

When our sales team were trying to reach out to studios, maybe they’d have a Mac and only used Safari, or had a PC with only Internet Explorer on it. We couldn't show the pitch deck to them or do a Google Meet. Google didn’t support it.

Randy Tanenhaus
IT Manager

The solution?

Dialpad Meetings was the solution for that, so it was definitely great to have browser-agnostic, platform-agnostic video. They could just hop on a browser and do their pitches.

Randy Tanenhaus
IT Manager

The sales team also made use of Dialpad’s Salesforce integration for tracking customer information and interactions. ClassPass already used Salesforce, while Dialpad makes all the customer information available when they’re on the call.

In fact, because Dialpad is cloud-based, ClassPass could continue to bring on new employees during shelter-in-place and provide remote onboarding to get new team members up to speed. And now that they’re preparing to return to the office in two locations, Dialpad can keep employees connected whether they’re returning or continuing to work from home.

Employees can even seamlessly switch between making a call on their phone or computer. If they need to step away from their desk but they're on a call on their computer, they can flip that call to their cell phone without interrupting the conversation!

Having Dialpad tie into the cloud is very nice, so some of our actions happen there for onboarding and offboarding.

Randy Tanenhaus
IT Manager

From the moment Randy saw Dialpad, he knew it was the right solution for all of ClassPass’ needs. “All the features hit what we need. Everything we need is there and more.”

We’re excited to see Randy and his team get back to Class!

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