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We get it. The last month was kind of a blur. Okay, maybe the last couple of months.

And that’s why we’ve rounded up the launches over the past year that helped make work... well, less work. From helping guide you towards the right answer to scaling your outbound sales teams, let’s take a look at the biggest updates that hit the Dialpad platform in 2019.

From cold call to closed call with Dialpad Ai Sales

Even closers need a little help getting there. So we built a phone system just for them—Dialpad Ai Sales—that combines all the core features that every rep needs to get the job done like reliable call quality and seamless instant messaging plus real-time coaching features for managers and AEs alike.

Take competitor mentions for instance: with Real-Time Assist, reps can have sales battle card pop-ups appear as soon as someone mentions your competitor without having to fumble for words.

JumpCrew slices sales cycle in half

Speaking of sales coaching, JumpCrew is a great example of how call center coaching, and doing it right when your reps need it, can make a huge impact.

With more than 400 employees, and sales making up over a third of their workforce, JumpCrew needed a reliable phone system to empower their teams to do what they do best: sell. As the company rapidly expanded over the past three years, the JumpCrew team set a lofty goal of hiring 100 sales reps in 100 days.

Take a look at how making the switch to Dialpad helped them bring everyone together, keep track of all those interactions, and ramp their reps at scale.

Actually do something with all that data

If there was a theme for 2019 across businesses, it had to be data. Tracking it, mining it, and for some...losing it. Whatever category you fell into, there’s no denying that businesses in 2020 are going to have to start using all that data to move forward.

So we looked at how we could help make that easier for customers and came up with a few different options. First, we revamped our call analytics platform. We made it more visually accessible and added search categories like call center stats on average hold times or CSAT survey responses.

Next, we gave you the ability to aggregate all the key moments happening across your business—competitor mentions, customer inquiries—and we made it searchable.

Better yet, we embedded the entire history of the interaction, including who handled the call, when it happened and what was said. Because how can you get any better, grow a team at scale, or know what your customers want if you can’t keep track because it happened over the phone? That’s where Dialpad Ai, our artificial intelligence, comes in to help surface the data you need to make those calls, whether you’re picking up the phone or managing someone who does.

No PINs or pens with Dialpad Meetings

With Dialpad Meetings, your 1:1s get a little more personality, thanks to HD video quality that lets you connect with your colleagues, prospects, and customers.

And since we already had Dialpad Ai, it only made sense to bring it over to video conferences too. No one wants to fill out meeting notes templates... like, literally no one. And with Dialpad Ai, you don’t have to. Your entire meeting is transcribed for you and surfaced after the call so there’s never a question of “what just happened?”

Bring it all together with business app integrations

When you can bring together your tools, good work turns great.

In 2019 we had the opportunity to partner with some amazing companies and products. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Salesforce High Velocity allows you to automatically transition leads to the next step in your cadence after your call completes plus lets cadences be branched off based on the call disposition logged in Dialpad (learn more about running a high velocity sales team)
  • Azure user provisioning (SCIM) to assign new Dialpad licenses from one central platform
  • HubSpot gives managers and reps the ability to see the full picture of their interactions straight from inside HubSpot plus activity history within the sidebar of the Dialpad app (mobile and desktop)
  • Zapier allows you to build time-saving workflows by letting your apps talk to each other

And that’s a wrap for 2019! To learn more about these features, check out our Help Center and/or reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

We’ll be back each month to highlight the previous month’s releases that help you connect, coach, collaborate, and work smarter plus best practices and success stories from customers like you. Until then, happy dialing!