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How JumpCrew cuts sales cycle time in half with Dialpad

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JumpCrew is an acquisition marketing and sales solution platform that helps businesses drive site traffic, leads, and sales. With more than 400 employees, and sales making up over a third of their workforce, JumpCrew needed a reliable business phone system to empower their teams to do what they do best — sell. As the company rapidly expanded over the past three years, the JumpCrew team set a lofty goal of hiring 100 sales reps in 100 days.

Before switching to Dialpad, the JumpCrew sales team were often missing incoming calls and experiencing dropped calls. This meant less time with customers, more time troubleshooting, and money left on the table.

Sales managers had limited call data, and were finding it difficult to train and onboard their reps due to the lack of insight into their calls. Without a true look at what was happening on the phone, it was nearly impossible to move the business forward.

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After implementing Dialpad, the JumpCrew sales team saw an immediate impact. They provisioned phone lines for hundreds of sales reps within a matter of minutes, since they could add users and phone numbers with just a few clicks from their online dashboard in Dialpad:

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And the team also now had access to a cloud phone system that seamlessly integrated with their tech stack.

JumpCrew saw a complete transformation in how sales managers were able to coach their reps using real-time data insights. Their sales reps have become more productive, more confident, and laser-focused on selling.

The result?

JumpCrew went from a 30-day sale cycle to a 15-day sale cycle — a 50% decrease in their overall deal time.

Dialpad is the only integrated phone system designed specifically for Sales teams.

Forrest Smith
Director of Data and Technology

Managing a sales team?

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