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Mono Builds a Connected Agency with Dialpad

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Dialpad + Mono

Since 2004, mono has launched creative campaigns for the world’s most innovative brands, including Google, Walmart, Target, and PepsiCo. With over a hundred employees and a satellite office in San Francisco, the agency needed a business communications platform that would inspire collaboration, empower its anywhere workers, and reduce the administrative burden on its lean IT team.










The Deployment in Numbers

Avg Conference Call

40 Min

Annual Telephony Cost Savings


Desk Phones Killed


Desk Phone Challenges

Before switching to Dialpad, mono relied on a legacy Iwatsu PBX phone system. The on-premise system required obscure codes for even simple tasks like transferring calls or checking voicemails. Additionally, the agency paid a yearly subscription to an external vendor to manage basic responsibilities, like onboarding and changing employee names in the system. “We’d invested in the old system nine years ago, and it barely worked,” said Grant Griffith, IT Manager, mono. “Dialpad brought us forward more than a decade.”

Distributed Workforce

Global Scale

Legacy Iwatsu PBX

Costly IT Overhead

Dialpad helps our creatives turn ideas
into reality—faster.

— Grant Griffith, IT Manager

Empowering the
Anywhere Creative

Whether working from home, collaborating at headquarters, or visiting a client site, mono’s employees now use Dialpad to push projects forward, no matter where work takes them. Teams can communicate via voice, chat, text, or video calls—across any device. mono has also benefitted from Dialpad’s pure-cloud architecture, which automatically refreshes with new features and updates. The platforms’ constant innovation has freed mono’s IT team to take a hands-free approach to system maintenance and upgrades.

“Dialpad Meetings has helped us build stronger 1:1 client relationships,” Grant explained. “It removes the friction of traditional conference calling—all you need is a dial-in number or URL to join.” By eliminating PINs or downloads, mono supports a seamless collaborative experience for project managers, creatives, and clients. Whether teams are pitching ideas, sharing campaign work, or syncing with designers, Dialpad Meetings makes it easy to create innovative content from anywhere.

Dialpad enabled mono’s lean IT team to provision users in minutes, reduce total communications costs by 60%, and modernize the way creatives work together. By killing the desk phone, the agency simplified project management, strengthened its collaborative culture, and launched a future-ready communications platform that spans its global offices.

Dialpad Kills the Desk Phone

The Best ROI. Period.

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