Custom Call Routing and Auto-Attendant

Custom Call Routing helps you streamline the customer experience by allowing you to establish rules for how incoming calls are handled. Incoming calls can be sent to an operator or the Auto Attendant. You can establish business hours and choose to send calls to voicemail, a greeting, or a department.

Custom Call Routing and Auto-Attendant

Custom Call Routing allows you to determine how incoming calls are handled. Easily set up rules that send calls to operators, a virtual assistant, or straight to voicemail based on the time and day.

  • Send your incoming calls to the right place

  • Set your business hours

  • Auto Attendant

Does Custom Call Routing cost anything?

No. Call Routing is a standard business feature and included in every Dialpad plan.

How does the Auto Attendant work?

When someone calls your company’s Main Line, the Auto Attendant greets them and presents them with a standard or customized message that lists all of your department options. The caller is prompted to dial the number that corresponds with the department they’re trying to reach and Auto Attendant moves their call to that department.

How do I set up Call Routing?

All of the settings can be accessed through the administration portal. Learn more about how to set up your main line with call routing here.

What happens if the department that a caller is trying to reach is busy?

If the department or person a caller is trying to reach is not available, they will be sent to voicemail.

Can I customize my greeting message?

Yes. Dialpad allows you to customize the Auto Attendant message across your Main Line and Departments.

What happens if none of the operators are available to answer a call?

Depending on the routing rules you establish, calls will be sent to voicemail, to a department, or to a greeting.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I learn more about Auto Attendant and IVR?

Check out this helpful tutorial on Call Routing rules or join our live weekly Q&A session and ask your question there.

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