Custom On-Hold Music

Dialpad Meetings lets you upload and choose your own hold music for a unique conference call experience, saying goodbye to pseudo elevator/smooth jazz combo.

On-Hold Music You Want to Hear (No, Really)

For starters, every Dialpad Meetings account has the option to select pre-recorded music that we’ve hand selected (and we have pretty high standards).

Choose between something soft, something poppy, or Rick Astley. That’s right. We’ve got Rick Astley.

We even created our own hold music, just to prove how serious we were about raising the standards. And as an added bonus, we had our friends over at PostModern Jukebox put their own spin on it.

Customizable On-Hold Music

While both Free and Business accounts have the option to select any pre-recorded songs, Dialpad Meetings Business accounts have the added benefit of uploading their own customizable .MP3s.

Just navigate over to your Settings page to upload your music of choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there file type/size restrictions?

Just make sure your file is an MP3 and is less than 10MB.

I love your hold music! Can I download it?

We love hearing people enjoy our take on traditional hold music. While the song isn't available to download, you can always listen to it directly from the songwriter (and former founder of Dialpad Meetings) Alex Cornell's international access numbers.

Can we opt to have no hold music play?

Sometimes silence is golden. That’s why we added it as one of your default options. Just navigate over to Settings > Hold Music and select Silence from the drop-down menu. Don’t forget to check off the option to not play hold music for the Organizer, too.