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Are you getting the most out of every voice call? In the modern business world, it's not enough to simply solve a problem or address a customer's needs over the phone. Valuable call data is hidden within every interaction, waiting for you to capitalize on it.

Call analytics involves rounding up all that valuable information within (and surrounding) each call and then looking for trends that can enhance your business moving forward. If that reason alone isn't enough to get you excited, then perhaps an exploration of the varied benefits provided by call insights will give you the push you need.

5 reasons to invest in call analytics

1. It powers more customer insights

Before a conversation with your customer even begins, there's valuable customer data and for you to learn from. If you're tracking calls properly, you can ascertain some important basics about every incoming call, like whether it originated from a website or an advertisement, and other important call insights.

Being able to correctly attribute inbound calls to different marketing channels allows you to understand where prospects are coming from and connect calls with specific campaigns and keywords. You can then use this information to optimize your advertising approaches.

Going further, you can use information from customer interactions to build a better picture of your ideal customers. By recording and transcribing calls, you can thoroughly analyze the content of every conversation, allowing you to spot trends and characteristics among your customer base.

Using that information, you can build those all-important buyer personas, customer profiles, and lookalike audiences that will allow you to further refine your marketing efforts and bring in more business. Knowing who your audience is and how it behaves will also allow you to customize the marketing content you disseminate, making it more successful with targeted prospects.

2. It improves communication

Being able to record, transcribe, and analyze calls can help you determine what's working and what isn't. Speech analytics tools, for instance, allow you to capture the content of a conversation and supplementary elements like tone of voice, emotional inflection, and periods of silence. Dialpad Ai uses speech recognition and natural language processing to show these insights in real-time while the call is happening.

In combination, these elements will allow you to improve how you communicate with customers, making adjustments to enhance the experience. Using these insights, if you find that specific words, phrases, or questions tend to stress callers out, you can adjust your language to avoid frustration-causing triggers.

Over time, you can use continued conversational analysis to help develop better scripts for your contact center agents. In addition to helping facilitate clearer communications, such scripts increase the speed with which agents can resolve common issues, improve your business' CSAT score, and enhance the overall productivity of your call center.

3. It generates actionable real-time data for you

Paying attention to what customers say doesn't just benefit you after the fact. By monitoring speech patterns during a call, you can gain insights that allow you to respond in real-time. Think again of the frustrated customer. If you're able to better analyze when they're becoming stressed based on emotional cues in their voice, you can mitigate the situation:

  • Agents can adjust their approach, intuitively addressing a customer's needs, and alleviating their frustrations.
  • Agents can anticipate customer frustration and summon a manager for assistance when necessary.
  • Customers, in turn, are more likely to feel that they are being listened to, which goes a long way toward keeping them happy.

What's more, real-time conversation analytics can help in situations where there aren't angry customers. Knowing when a call is going well and what is keeping a customer in high spirits can inform your agents on where to take a conversation next—and whether a customer might be interested in particular upsell opportunities.

Combined with other customer data gathered pre-call, you can more accurately offer your customers the right products at the right time, increasing the likelihood that they'll make a purchase. Regardless of your specific business, the real-time advantages afforded by call center analytics can help you achieve greater success in just about every scenario.

4. Boost your contact center performance

Call analytics can help boost your contact center's performance by helping you track and improve a number of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as:

  • Average handle time: the time from when an agent answers a call to when they disconnect. Depending on the scenario, long calls may be what you're after—if they yield higher revenue in a sales capacity, for instance—but shorter calls are most often indicative of better customer satisfaction.
  • Check and mend service level: the percentage of calls answered within an acceptable number of seconds. This is a major indicator of long-term customer satisfaction, as no one likes to be left waiting on the phone for very long.
  • Repeat calls: Are customers calling over and over with the same issue? If so, this could be the result of other issues that require your attention.

Once you have a metric for these and other performance standards, you can dig deeper into which elements are unsatisfactory and why that is the case.

For example, long average call times that result in dissatisfied customers may be due to insufficient training or poor employee attitude. Knowing that call length is an issue would give you a cause to investigate, uncover which reason is responsible, and take the necessary steps to correct it.

5. It helps you train new hires (and hold agents accountable)

After poring over hours of customer conversations to see what works, what doesn't, and how your agents should approach a multitude of situations, you can put that information to practice in training your agents. Beyond that, you can put the information you gain about best practices to good use in holding your current agents to a high standard. One way to do this when using Dialpad is to take advantage of the Real-Time Assist feature that provides live coaching during calls.

Call analytics can help you track what's said and how closely agents are adhering to various measures of contact quality—such as appropriate greeting, courtesy, and responsiveness. It can also tell you if agents are adhering to elements of the call script (when applicable) or capturing key pieces of information during calls.

Learn more about the power of call analytics

When used properly, call tracking and analytics can help improve a contact center's efficacy and further the long-term goals of the businesses that use them. Start your free 14-day trial to take advantage of Dialpad's call analytics features and power your business' long term success.