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Being a part of a community of innovative entrepreneurs and thinkers is embedded in our Dialpad DNA. Since the beginning, our ethos has been to iterate, perfect, move quickly and act nimbly. That’s why we created Dialpad for Startups—a program that provides immediate value for early-stage companies and the partners that fund and support them.

Dialpad for Startups covers the basics of business communication, with seamless and reliable voice calls, business text messaging, and video conferencing to leverage connections and expand customers. It’s ideal for supporting companies’ main phone number, sales and customer lines, instant messaging, and video calls.

The program also benefits startup partners like VCs, accelerators, incubators, and more, by allowing them to provide value beyond funding. Partners can empower startups with a video conferencing and cloud phone system—one that’s trusted by top investors and brands—that fuels productivity and growth while saving startups thousands as they grow.

We realized that some of our fastest growing customers were startups. In learning about their challenges and triumphs we discovered just how critical the need for effective and scalable business communication is from day one. They reinforced what we already knew—startups are hard! And we want to make the journey a little bit easier.

Funded startups (no required minimum) based in the U.S. or Canada with up to 25 employees qualify. And startups with over 25 employees can still take advantage of exclusive discounts—so all startups are encouraged to register. Applying for the program takes just minutes and once approved, startups can begin taking advantage of 10 free, lifelong seats of Dialpad Voice Pro (for business phone lines) and Dialpad Meetings Business (for video conferencing). As startups grow, discounts continue and companies that enter the program will never pay full price for any of our products, ever.

Even before we became Dialpad, our co-founders had a successful track record of starting and scaling businesses. So when they built Dialpad, they were sure to keep founders and startups in mind. “I know from experience that there are so many growing pains with building and scaling a company. It has always been my belief that your communications tools should not be one of them,” said Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad.

Founders and early employees have so much to tackle in the first months of building a company—product development, understanding market fit, acquiring customers, hiring talent—that they rarely think about their team communications tools. Time and again, we’ve seen the negative effects that can have on a company’s growth trajectory. Our hope is that Dialpad for Startups can help alter that perspective.

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