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Best practices for call centers

Call centers play an important role in customer service, but what does it take to run a successful call center? Here's what every call center manager needs to know.

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Learn about everything from setting up a contact center to coaching agents and more, with tips from five contact center leaders in different industries.

Call center setup

Setting up a call center takes planning and proper testing to ensure a smooth experience for both agents and customers. Refer to the following guides and checklists to make it easier to set up.


How to set up a contact
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Contact Center Whisperer Video Series

Real time assist cards

Real-Time Assist Cards 101

Real-time assist (RTA) cards provide your team with live call coaching to help your team quickly answer customer questions. Learn more in this deep dive.

Call center features whisper barge listen in

Listen In, Barge, and Whisper

Features like listen in, whisper, and barge are designed to help your agents in real-time. Here's when to use them.

What is call routing

What is Call Routing

Call routing is a crucial feature that helps contact centers manage calls and reduce wait times. Here's what you need to know.

Call center FAQs

Call center vs. contact center: What's the difference?

Although "call center" and "contact center" are often used interchangeably, one of the key differentiators is that call centers typically only handle phone calls.

Contact centers may receive inquiries from other channels like live chat—it's not just phone calls.

We've written about the differences between contact center and call center in more detail on our blog.

What types of contact centers are there?

What features should I look for in a contact center software?

What resources do I need for call center coaching?

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