Company Main Line

In Dialpad, your Main Line is often your first line of customer contact, so we’ve made it easy to use so you can deliver outstanding customer experiences. The Main Line allows you to establish an in-person operator to handle your calls during office hours, and then let Auto Attendant direct your calls after hours. Create call routing rules, upload hold branded music, and even create customized messaging to incoming calls.

Company Main Line

Your Main Line is your company’s primary phone line and lets you manage and route incoming calls, assign operators, set your business hours, create a general custom greetings, and upload hold music.

  • The first point of contact

  • Main Line features

  • Easy administration


Can I set my Company Main Line to send calls directly to an operator?

Yes, you can have calls sent to up to twenty five different team members. Alternately, you can assign a Room Phone as an operator rather than a specific individual or agent.

Is the Company Mainline free?

Yes. Every Dialpad account is assigned a Company Main Line with a phone number.

Can I have more than one phone number go to my Company Mainline?

Yes. You can assign several numbers to this line, and several team members to operate it, meaning that the one line can handle multiple business calls at a time.

Can I port an existing phone number to Dialpad as my Main Line?

Absolutely. And porting your number is easy to do, too.

Where do calls go after hours?

That depends on how you have your Main Line set up. But some options include a custom greeting, the Dial by Name Directory, or simply sending the call to voicemail.

Can I use my own hold music?

Absolutely. However, the file must be in MP3 format and under 10MB (more than most companies need).

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