Business Phone System Comparisons

Dialpad vs. Microsoft Teams

Evaluating business phone systems can sometimes get complicated. There are various VoIP providers offering different pricing plans and functionalities. Which aspects of a business phone are crucial for your business? Which provider offers the best features? With so many things to consider, we want to make this decision simpler for you. Here's a quick guide highlighting how Dialpad compares with Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams and Dialpad are both cloud-based phone systems that offer a suite of features and integrations. While the two business phone providers share many similarities, there are also many aspects that set them apart. Check out the differences between Dialpad and Microsoft Teams below.


Easy to understand, all inclusive packages

Multiple add-ons for full functionality

Inbound Call Usage

Unlimited inbound calls in US & Canada

Limited free inbound call usage


Robust, intuitive analytics

Basic analytics


Direct integrations with O365, G Suite, Salesforce, Zendesk and more...

Fewer integrations

Device Switching

Seamlessly switch calls between devices

Less intuitive workflow to switch calls between devices

Integrated Call Center Functionality

Robust call center functionality available via Dialpad Support

Basic call center functionality


Free video and audio conferencing

Audio conferencing available for an additional fee

Conferencing - Meeting ID & PINS

Individual meeting IDs and no PINs

Random meeting IDs and requires PINs


Easy, modern, intuitive set up

Complicated initial set up

Mobile Apps

Real-time coaching available via intuitive mobile apps

Limited real-time coaching via mobile apps

Real-time Voice Intelligence

Real-time, native voice intelligence features

Basic features

Real-time Voice Coaching

Native voice coaching features

Fewer voice coaching features

Single Sign On

Multiple single sign on partners like Okta, One Login, G Suite, and O365

Fewer single sign on partners


How fast a company can get their phone system up and running is very important when evaluating potential providers. Having a reliable phone system is vital for many businesses' proper functioning. For some companies, an interruption in business communications means losing sales and revenue. Whether it's implementing a brand new phone solution or replacing an existing system, set up should be quick and simple. Dialpad makes getting a new business phone system easy. Dialpad's deployment include several self-service options, allowing customers to speed up the process. Integrations with single sign on partners such as Okta, OneLogin, G Suite and O365 means customers can easily add, delete, and edit users. Dialpad is well liked by customers for our quick deployment and easy adoption. It's also an area we've outranked most other business phone providers.


Most companies nowadays rely on multiple business applications to streamline workflow. Depending on their roles, employees will be using different apps to improve efficiency. Dialpad makes it easy to complete projects and meet deadlines by integrating with the apps that employees already use. Native integrations with popular cloud apps such as G Suite, O365, Salesforce, and Zendesk make work simple and intuitive. Employees don’t have to constantly switch between apps to input information. Instead, activity and notes are logged automatically into the various apps companies use. Dialpad’s robust integrations make it easy for companies to take care of business.


Pricing is a big factor to consider when evaluating different phone systems. Many companies face the challenge of understanding their business phone bills as they sift through pages of charges. Dialpad solves this problem with simple and predictable pricing. Instead of charging per minute fees, Dialpad offers unlimited calling and charges a flat per-user per month fee. Dialpad also doesn’t have hidden set-up fees so there are no surprises on your bill. Lastly, Dialpad offers three different tiers with robust features offered even at the most basic plan. There are no additional costs for individual add ons. Companies can easily choose the plan that's suitable for them and enjoy an uncomplicated, predictable phone bill.


Dialpad is flexible and built with an intuitive design. Workflows are easy to follow and features are straightforward to use. The VoIP industry is constantly changing, and Dialpad takes pride in providing the most cutting edge technology. Dialpad's modern architecture allows for the development of new in-app features. For example, Voice Intelligence (Vi) is one of the latest features that sets Dialpad apart from competition. From real-time speech coaching to sentiment analysis, Vi helps to enhance business communications. As new business applications are being added to companies' tech stack, Dialpad strives to stay abreast of these changes. Having a platform that's well-suited for innovation, Dialpad strives to provide additional integrations.

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