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The telephone has always been important to sales teams. But because of the costs and complexities of maintaining old hard-line phone systems, it faded into the noise of the organization—managed by IT and outside of sales’ control. It had become a commodity that organizations assumed had reached the end of its evolution. Like water or electricity, it was critical for survival, but only ever thought about when it wasn’t working.

This is changing—sales organizations are becoming more comfortable with engagement technology and telephony technology is easier to manage.

To help us understand the current state of voice in sales organizations, Dialpad partnered with Deloitte to survey sales leaders and determine the impact of the telephone on modern sales organizations.

The findings are clear. The telephone is having a renaissance.

Sales leaders are looking for technology that makes it easier for reps to engage with clients and prospects. Combining the phone system with text messaging, video conferencing, CRM integrations, and AI capabilities creates a powerful tool that can drive better sales calls, improved coaching, and faster ramp time.

In short, the phone system is making it easier to sell again. Download the full report to see learn more about voice technology’s renaissance in sales.