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World-renowned sales trainer and motivational coach, Zig Ziglar once famously said that without salespeople nothing would ever get done. That is to say that without our efforts to educate customers and bring products to market, society wouldn’t enjoy nearly the same level of sophistication or comfort that it does today. But selling isn’t easy.

As a current sales rep and former SDR team lead, I’m always looking for ways to improve my technique and streamline sales processes, especially when it comes to building rapport and communicating effectively with prospects. Having the right technology helps tremendously. We spend so much of our time and energy setting up or attending sales meetings that even small optimizations make a big impact on efficiency. So when your team is evaluating its next communications platform, make sure to look for these four things.

Mobile Apps
Salespeople are always on-the-go and making things happen. We need to be just as well-connected while we’re on our way to prospect meeting as we are in the office. Having a mobile-first solution with a dedicated phone number that can be accessed from any device is critical to be being productive on-the-go. It also helps to business calls, texts, and emails all in one place no matter where we are or what device we’re using.

Intuitive UI
There’s nothing worse than tackling technical issues leading up to (or in the middle of) a prospect meeting. Slow downloads, long PIN numbers, counterintuitive UX, and shoddy audio connections all get in the way of sales conversations and building customer relationships. If your customer can’t trust you to start a meeting on time why should they trust you on anything else? I always recommend trying new communication tools on a trial basis to dodge those bullets.

If all of your other business productivity apps are integrated to make work easier, there’s no reason your communication platform should be any different. The best products allow you to provision new reps through company email directories, log call notes and activities to your CRM, view your most recent prospect email chains and even scan their LinkedIn profile all without ever leaving the app window.

If you’re not already thinking about your sales team’s AI strategy, you should be. Voice intelligence tools are good for more than just call transcription, they can take notes, record action items, and live coach reps on how to respond to common customer questions and objections, helping deals close faster and more frequently. That’s not just lip service, I’ve experienced it first hand with Dialpad Sell.

Yes, our team eats its own dog food and it’s amazing what kinds of efficiencies we’ve driven and insights we’ve unlocked by putting Sell into action. It’s not just a fancy phone system, it’s a secret advantage over the competition. See for yourself by learning more at the link below.

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