Business Phone System Comparisons

Dialpad vs Grasshopper

There are dozens of business phone system providers on the market. With different pricing, features, and capabilities, each VoIP provider is unique. To make things simple for you, we've created a quick guide to help you compare different business communication platforms. Here's an overview of how Dialpad compares to Grasshopper.

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Dialpad and Grasshopper are both cloud-based business phone systems, but have much different capabilities. Grasshopper is a low-end option with minimal features for people running a solo or very small business. At a similar price, Dialpad offers an enterprise-grade phone system with everything your business needs to communicate like a professional. It even includes key features like call transcriptions and comes with free video conferencing and team chat software that improves communication across your entire organization.

Let’s take a look at the key differences between Dialpad and Grasshopper so you can make the right choice for your business.

Platform Capabilities

Calling, video conferencing, team chat, texting, and contact center software.

Only calling and texting.


Accurate call, meeting, and voicemail transcriptions.

Only voicemail transcription.


G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Slack, and many more.

No integrations.

Artificial Intelligence

Live transcript and post-call summaries powered by Voice Intelligence (Vi).

No artificial intelligence.

Platform Capabilities

If you only need a virtual business phone for calling and texting, both Dialpad and Grasshopper have your team covered. However, as an entry level grade application, that is all Grasshopper offers. Dialpad’s unified platform also includes free video conferencing and team chat software so your company can collaborate without using or paying for other tools. Further, if your company has a dedicated sales or support team, Dialpad also has contact center software. The best part? All these tools are built into a single app.

Call Transcription

Both Dialpad and Grasshopper have voicemail transcription, but only Dialpad has searchable call and meeting transcriptions. When you can’t remember what a customer said and want to refer back to the conversation, you shouldn’t have to listen to the entire call or waste time trying to find the exact part of the call. With Dialpad, you can pull up the call transcript and search for keywords to locate the moment you were looking for.


Currently, Grasshopper does not integrate with any other tools. As an enterprise-grade communications platform, Dialpad has a full suite of integrations that can connect the tools you already use. Our G Suite and Office 365 integrations sync your contacts, emails, and calendars into our phone system—providing you with the information you need to work more efficiently, all in one place. Dialpad also integrates with CRMs like Salesforce, customer service tools like Zendesk, and more. For a full list of Dialpad integrations, go here.

Artificial Intelligence

There’s insight in every call and Dialpad’s AI, Voice Intelligence (Vi), helps get every last ounce of it. Using natural language processing, Vi analyzes every call to track bad habits like rambling, saying “umm” too frequently, and more. Plus, Vi sends a post-call summary that includes meeting notes, action items, and key moments from the call. These AI features can quickly increase your team’s performance and help everyone stay organized.

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