Private Conference Calls

Keep Your Conference Calls Secure

Creating a tool that made starting, joining, and scheduling your conferences from anywhere wasn’t enough.

It also had to be secure.

Don’t roll the dice when it comes to security. Encrypted and backed by Google Cloud Platform, UberConference is one of the most secure conferencing solutions on the market.

Security Backed by the Cloud

Created by the team behind Google Voice, every UberConference account is encrypted and backed up on Google Cloud Platform. But that’s not all. We offer a number of conference privacy options like:

  • Evicting Viewers
  • Locking your conference
  • Place callers on hold until Organizer joins
  • Notifications when Participants are waiting on your line

Your conference invite will include all the info your participants need to join, either over the web or on the phone .

Wave Goodbye to Line Lurkers

Ever have a conference with “line lurkers”? Those random accounts that seem to suddenly pop up on your calls without warning (not to mention an invitation)? Well, we hate those.

So we came up with a way to fight back: our visual interface clearly displays every participant on your call, whether they’ve connected their audio or are simply just viewing.

See someone you don’t recognize? Choose between hanging up or evicting them right on the spot.

Manage Your Team's Privacy

When you’re part of a team, you have to start thinking about what’s best for the group. That’s why we give Team Admins the ability to adjust privacy and security settings on behalf of their entire team.

Within your Admin portal you can choose whether the Admin or your team gets to moderate security measures like enabling:

Single Business user ? Manage these settings on your own under Conference Settings.

Receive a Summary of Every Call

Need an overview of what went down on your call? After each conference a summary will automatically be created and attached to your past conference under Conferences.

Conference summaries combine everything that happened on your call into a single snapshot of useful info like:

Who joined the call?
What device did they use to join?
Who spoke the longest?

Your conference recordings and chat transcripts are also available on your summaries to view, download, or even share with your entire team.

Privacy You Can Count On with UberConference

Leave the gambling for Vegas. When it comes to conference privacy and account security, UberConference is a guaranteed winner.

With security features like conference PINs and evicting uninvited guests, UberConference is constantly working to ensure all your account information is always protected no matter where in the world you work.

Lose the PINs, Not the Security

One of the best things about UberConference, is that your team can hop straight onto their conference calls, without having to fumble around for pin numbers. However, that doesn’t mean the security or integrity of the call is compromised.

One of the fundamental reasons we build our products on Google Cloud Platform is due to its suite of advanced security features, and of course, call organizers have a full armory of advanced call controls to lead secure, private conference calls.

More Features

Web Conferences

Anyone can call in from their computer with HD audio.

Mobile Apps

The entire UberConference experience, available on your smartphone.

Local Dial-in Number

Select your own number from virtually any area code in the US and Canada.

Document Sharing

Easily share from your computer or from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Evernote.

Free Call Recording

Save conferences as MP3s for easy storage and playback.


UberConference makes joining calls ridiculously easy.

Screen Sharing

Easy organizer setup, no install required for participants.

Powerful Call Controls

Run conference calls smoothly with management controls.

Custom Hold Music

Select the perfect song to reflect your business's personality.

International Calling

Bonjour! Goddag! Ahoj! Dial in from over 50 countries around the world.


Gain actionable insights into your business communications.

Toll-Free Conferencing

Unlimited calls with your own toll free conference number.

Dial Out to Add Callers

Easily add participants mid-call and don’t miss a word.

UberConference for Business

Manage accounts for your whole team in one place.

Recurring Conference Calls

Ring or message up to five of your devices at once.

Call Summaries

Access recordings, shared files, and call statistics at the end of each call.

UberConference Chrome App

Receive notifications and make calls from your desktop.

Visual Conference Calls

Control calls easily from the Dialpad Chrome app, iOS and Android apps.

Group Chat

Send instant chat messages to everyone on the call.

Private Conference Calls

Make sure only invited people dial into the call.

Mute Participants

Control who can speak during the conference call.

Administration Login

Allow someone else to manage your conference calls.

Group Invites

Invite whole groups to conferences with a click.

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