Bring Your Own Device

In today’s mobile work environment, traditional desk phones antiquated and hard to use. Workers are increasingly bringing their personal devices to work. At the same time, many companies would like to eliminate the cost of acquiring and deploying desk phones, reduce employee frustration with these outmoded systems, and save the training costs. Welcome to the era of BYOD.

Bring Your Own Device

Improve employee productivity and system adoption by using a phone system that lives on the devices you already own and use every day.

  • Create a happier, more efficient workforce

  • Position yourself as a forward-thinking company


How common are BYOD policies?

The number is growing all the time. As more and more people use their own devices to connect with work and IT costs continue to climb, more and more enterprise organizations are adopting company-wide BYOD policies.

How many devices can a user have connected to Dialpad?

Each user can connect up to 5 of their devices

What if some employees do not have, or do not wish to use their own devices for work?

In the unlikely event that a worker doesn’t want to use their own device, Dialpad does offer a selection of compatible desk phones.

How does BYOD improve productivity?

Older communications technology like the desk phone aren’t easy to use and often stifle communication. When employees can use their own devices that they’re familiar with, the lines of business communication open and people typically collaborate far more than they would otherwise.

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