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The elephant in the room: No one actually likes meetings. As the creators of meeting software, we really wish it weren’t the case. But it’s true—they often feel like an unwanted distraction. A chore. Something you have to do, but often doesn’t create any real value. And there’s merit to that sentiment: unhelpful meetings contribute to why 60% or less of work time is spent productively.

While meetings will always exist, they shouldn’t be a waste of time. And with our Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology, they won’t. Instead of leaving flustered, wondering why you were there to begin with, you’ll be able to focus, contribute, and overcome the challenges that plague virtually every meeting that’s ever been had.

Challenge: What did I miss?

It happens to the best of us. You show up to a meeting late. You missed a key point someone was making. Or worse, you completely zoned out for the first half of it. Dialpad UberConference sends a detailed post-meeting transcript within minutes of your meeting’s end. Using natural language processing and speech recognition technology, the post-call transcript provides you with everything you need to know about what happened in the meeting, including who said what, when, and what the highlighted action items were in a handy meeting summary. That means it’s easy to get up to speed on all the important details without having to ask someone to repeat what they said with a just-woke-up expression on your face.

It’s also a handy record of what was discussed. As time passes after your meetings, details can become fuzzy. Your transcript is like a photograph of the meeting—preserving everything exactly as it was in the moments it happened.

Challenge: I can’t remember who said what and when

A room full of fast-talkers will trip up even the best legal stenographer, never mind us mortal note-takers. You’re bound to miss key details in the midst of trying to capture everything. Worse, when you don’t catch who said what, you’re stuck hunting those details via email, phone or in person, and that’s just not a good use of anyone’s time. Very simply, it's hard to be effective when you’re not sure who said what, and what action items come out of very meeting.

Dialpad UberConference’s keyword search function lets you search for specific words in the written transcript of your meeting. This saves time that would’ve been spent either sifting through the transcript or hunting down coworkers to clarify those fleeting details. The ability to search within post-call summary ensures you know those important next steps, get questions answered, and effectively collaborate with your co-workers.

Challenge: What next steps?

It happens all the time—a room full of people going back and forth on project or task specifics. One person volunteers to help, another recommends someone who isn’t in the meeting to get a key piece of information, someone else suggests a more efficient way of getting things done and then…. nothing happens and no one’s sure why.

Unless you’re taking notes rapid fire—and as we discussed above, you probably aren’t—it’s hard to capture who’s doing what. In fact, 46% of employees rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they’re supposed to do next. Because employees don’t remember who’s following up with what, deadlines are missed, projects are stalled, and bosses become not happy.

Dialpad UberConference’s native Voice Intelligence can actually capture those all important action items. And because Vi knows who said what and when, it can tell you who’s going to do what. Gone are the days of fumbled responsibilities, missed deadlines, unnecessary phone calls, and time wasted drafting embarrassing follow-up emails. Vi means you’re never left in the dark about who’s responsible for what after a meeting ends.

None of this means you can just kick back and check out in meetings while Vi takes care of all these small details. Very much the opposite. Voice Intelligence’s primary function is to relieve you of these annoying housekeeping tasks so you can actually focus on what’s being said. You’ll be free to focus on the topics at hand and contribute to solving problems rather than creating a record of what’s said and what you’re supposed to do.

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