Dialpad Crosses $200M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and Announces New Generative Ai features for the Only Unified Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform

  • Dialpad’s investment in Ai that began more than five years ago is driving the company’s accelerating growth and driving market share gains

  • Amassing over 4 billion minutes of native and proprietary transcription, voice, and meetings data, the company captures, analyzes, and understands conversational data for all businesses, across any channel, in real-time with industry-leading accuracy

  • Driven by Dialpad’s native and proprietary Ai, the company grew fastest in Enterprise in the fourth quarter, furthering its success in that important customer segment and adding to its successes in Mid-Market and SMB

  • What’s next? Over the next year, Dialpad will bring to market new cutting-edge generative Ai powered features each month. These features harness the power of Dialpad's industry leading Ai models and proprietary datasets, and combine them with the emerging capabilities of large language models (LLMs) to deliver industry-first capabilities.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — April 17, 2023 Dialpad, Inc., the industry-leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, today announced it has surpassed $200M in annual recurring revenue (ARR) as well as a series of major generative artificial intelligence (Ai) advancements, which will roll out over the next year and transform how companies communicate, collaborate, and sell. Built from the ground up by industry experts from Google and Microsoft, the company’s success to date and its outlook ahead as the industry’s only all-in-one Ai Customer Intelligence Platform – powered by a highly trained Ai model that spans all modes of employee and customer communications – demonstrates its unique position to continue to drive the future of business communication, employee collaboration, and customer service for enterprises, medium sized businesses, and small businesses alike.

“Smartphones put a supercomputer in everyone’s pockets, and artificial intelligence will put a powerful brain in every application,” said Marc Andreessen, Co-founder and General Partner of a16z. “Companies that take advantage of Ai will see a cognitive uplift for workers at every level, across departments and industries, giving them a competitive edge. Ai is a must for businesses in today’s economy.”

The Dialpad Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform seamlessly combines the industry’s most advanced Ai Contact Center, Ai Sales, Ai Voice, and Ai Meetings with Ai Messaging. In its next phase of development, Dialpad customers will be equipped with new generative Ai-powered features to enable the following business outcomes:

  • Recaps of meetings you missed – Ai Recap leverages the latest generative Ai algorithms and Dialpad’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) models to generate short summaries that capture the main ideas and topics of a conversation and define the call’s outcome, purpose, and action items stemming from the conversation. Currently, generated summaries are enabled for all Dialpad calls and meetings if Ai is enabled. With this feature, conversations are more efficient, understandable, and accessible.

  • Analyzes 100% of customer interactions – Ai Scorecards help improve an agent's day-to-day performance with specific Ai instructions and constant support around any interaction. As a result, Ai Scorecards increase evaluations by 10x, providing instant insight into coaching opportunities, real-time feedback to agents, and consistency by removing human bias.

  • A single source for all training and coaching – Coaching Hub leverages Ai to better serve the workforce by discovering which team members need help the most and with which skills. Previous iterations of coaching platforms have relied on post-call recordings and transcriptions, which delays analysis and feedback. Dialpad’s Coaching Hub brings to market the first real-time coaching platform to drive efficiency for users and supervisors as calls take place from a single source.

  • Real-time guidance to ensure consistent processes – Ai Playbooks will provide agents, sales professionals, and recruiters with real-time guidance and tracking against predetermined sales processes and questions they are expected to ask, to help ensure consistent processes are leveraged across teams while reminding users of what to focus on in a call and the next best action to take. Following the call, the technology aggregates post-call reporting and metrics to highlight where processes are breaking down for better outcomes in the future.

Customers will have access to Ai Scorecards in May, the Coaching Hub in June, and Ai Playbooks in July. All other updates are slated for later this year and early 2024.

“Ai harbors the potential to transform industries beyond our imagination,” stated Craig Walker, CEO and Founder of Dialpad. “Its power to elevate business communication enables sales, recruiters, and support agents to excel. However, merely activating Ai won't ensure success. Those with a siloed Ai approach won't maximize ROI, and relying on third-party APIs limits innovation. Dialpad is the only comprehensive platform with native, proprietary Ai across all channels, providing businesses worldwide with unmatched intelligence. Our unique, real-time Ai model is at the heart of our solutions, allowing us to create industry-specific offerings with advanced responsiveness to better serve businesses at scale.”

“Dialpad has been able to solve some of the most challenging obstacles in enterprise-wide Ai: broad adoption and practicability for the workforce, along with ease of use for contact center agents and sales,” said Will Griffith, Founding Partner of ICONIQ Growth. “Craig and the team are well-positioned for continued success as Dialpad has been investing in contact center Ai for more than seven years, developing proprietary data and models tailored to the needs of contact center and sales agents. Dialpad has scaled Ai investments and its team, having processed more than 4 billion minutes of customer interactions that uniquely enable the company to bring advanced Ai solutions to large scale enterprises and SMBs alike, globally. The market opportunity is exploding, and we look forward to watching Dialpad build on its long-term Ai focus to continue to transform the workplace with its proprietary NLP models and Ai engine."

Today, 96% of Dialpad’s contact center customers leverage its Ai capabilities – 63 points more than the industry average. Dialpad customers who leverage its Ai solutions, including Ai Chatbot, Ai-CSAT, and Ai Scorecards, realize its benefits including:

  • 18% in cost reduction

  • 14% increase in customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

  • 35% agent performance improvement using quality assurance (QA) scorecards

Year over year, Dialpad continues to gain market share and industry-wide recognition. This includes record financial growth, global expansion, a $50M investment in the research and development of Ai, and being named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. Additionally, in the last year alone, nine academic research papers written by Dialpad’s Ai Engineers, focusing on NLP, were accepted at leading academic conferences including the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL),COLING 2022, and published on ARXIV. The company was also named an Innovator in the Aragon Research Globe for Conversational Ai in Intelligent Contact Centers in 2023 along with being a Leader in Opus Research’s Decision Maker’s Guide to the Conversational Cloud.

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