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We’re not new to the Ai game, but we are committed to adding new Ai-powered features to the Dialpad Customer Intelligence Platform—every month.


Ai Call Purpose

Ai Call Purpose automatically categorizes live calls based on subject matter and content, while tracking persistent categories for more effective post-call analysis and coaching insights.

Screenshot of Dialapad's Ai Calls


Ai Real-Time Assist Cards

Ai Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards guide call center agents and sales reps during live calls using triggered pop-ups that offer relevant speaking points, best practices, and coaching tips.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Ai Real-time Assist



Dialpad’s industry-leading transcription engine combines customer sentiment and intent signals to infer CSAT scores for 100% of customer calls, so you don’t have to rely on a handful of customers to complete post-call surveys.

Screenshot of Dialpad's predictive Ai CSAT feature


Ai Recaps

Ai Recaps turn calls, customer conversations, and meetings into concise, customizable summaries—complete with recommended action items—delivered directly to your Dialpad Inbox after every Ai-enabled meeting.

Ai Recaps


Ai Scorecards

Dialpad Ai automatically delivers accurate scorecards on all customer conversations, eliminating the need for time-consuming call shadowing or having to replay hours of customer recordings.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Ai Scorecards


Ai Coaching Hub

Ai Coaching Hub provides managers with a single dashboard to monitor scorecard grades and CSAT scores—at a glance—so it’s easy to identify coaching opportunities in real time or during post-interaction quality assurance reviews.

Coaching Hub


Ai Playbooks

Leveraging Dialpad’s real-time speech recognition technology and generative Ai capabilities, Ai Playbooks equips your teams with talking points, best practices, and live guidance to keep calls moving in the right direction.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Ai Playbooks



Powering features like Ai-generated call summaries and in-the-moment agent coaching, DialpadGPT makes it easy for teams to close deals and support customers—all in one AI-powered customer intelligence platform.

Screenshot of DialpadGPT


PII Redaction

PII Redaction uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to protect personally identifiable information (PII), like credit card or social security numbers, healthcare data, and other digital assets.

Screenshot of Dialpad's PII redaction


Ai Custom Playbooks

With Ai Custom Playbooks, admins and supervisors can create personalized playbooks rather than relying on standard sales templates, to aid agents with real-time guidance during calls.

Ai Custom Playbooks


Ai Playbooks in Ai Meetings

Ai Playbooks in Ai Meetings offer live guidance to hosts and co-hosts during face-to-face interactions with customers, sales demos, and other meetings, to ensure reps and agents adhere to best practices.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Ai Playbooks in Ai Meetings


Ai Agent Assist

Ai Agent Assist delivers on-demand, natural answers to agent questions so reps and agents can provide faster, more effective service, resulting in shorter resolution times, more productive agents, and improved customer satisfaction.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Ai Agent Assist

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