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Precise and
generative Ai

Unlock accessibility, scale, and precision with DialpadGPT, the specialized Large Language Model (LLM) that speaks the language of your business.

Loved by 30,000 customers across 140+ countries

Generative Ai for every role, segment, and industry

Out-of-the-box Ai

DialpadGPT automatically powers helpful Ai features like instant call summaries and in-the-moment coaching for sellers and support agents—right out of the box.

Built for business

Designed for instant scale, DialpadGPT works for every role, industry, and segment. Plus, it can be customized to understand unique business use cases and industry-specific jargon.

Highly accurate

DialpadGPT is trained on business conversations so it can accurately extract insights such as action items, call outcomes, and customer satisfaction scores—all in real time.

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Scale globally with real-
time generative Ai

At Dialpad, we believe that businesses of all sizes should be free to harness the game-changing power of Ai. DialpadGPT is our new, fine-tuned LLM that gives you access to a growing toolkit of Ai features without the burden of rate limits, massive compute power, or high costs. The model powers Ai features right out of the box, so you can begin your Ai transformation from the get-go.

Screenshot of Ai generated call summary and purpose

Infinitely configurable to
your specific industry

DialpadGPT is the first LLM designed for business communications. We've trained our model on billions of conversations and transcripts to provide unmatched precision in the context of business interactions. Plus, it’s fully customizable to your specific industry and business needs. Unlike open-source models, our domain-specific training also minimizes inaccuracies and "hallucinations" across Ai-generated outputs.

Dialpad Ai features
that teams love

Powering features like Ai-generated call summaries and in-the-moment coaching, DialpadGPT makes it easy for teams to close deals and support customers—all in one, beautiful workspace.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Recap feature

Ai Recap

Get instant summaries of every conversation, along with Ai-recommended action items.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Assist feature

Ai Assist

Never miss a beat with in-the-moment coaching during live customer calls.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Playbooks feature

Ai Playbooks

Easily track script adherence during sales calls with Ai-powered playbooks.

Screnshot of Dialpads predictive Ai CSAT feature


Predict highly accurate CSAT scores across 100% of customer interactions.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Coaching Hub feature

Ai Coaching Hub

Track CSAT scores across different teams and monitor leaderboards—all at a glance.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Scorecard feature

Ai Scorecards

Get Ai-generated scorecards after every customer conversation.


protection, built right in

DialpadGPT is subject to the same robust security practices we apply across our tech stack, ensuring all data remains securely within the Dialpad network. We maintain compliance with SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CSA, and ISO, adhering to the most stringent industry standards.

Screenshots of Dialpad's Ai Scorecards and predictive Ai CSAT features

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