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Connect agents
to Ai-powered
answers in

Dialpad delivers everything your agents need to resolve customer requests, in a familiar chat based experience.

Improve first call resolution with
faster access to agent information

Screenshot of Dialpad’s real time assist card feature popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call

Instantly connect all knowledge resources

Utilize deep integrations into existing knowledge centers, tools, and systems to power Dialpad’s built-in agent assistant.

Access agent knowledge from a single interface

Eliminate the need for multiple knowledge hubs, extra apps, or dozens of open browser tabs. It’s one place for agents to access all resources.

Delight customers with more effective agent interactions

Find answers to complex customer inquiries, faster. Plus, reduce call handling time and increase customer satisfaction at every step.

A man interacts with an Ai, getting an answer to his question

Ai-powered answers,
on demand

Ai Agent Assist leverages the latest advancements in Generative Ai and LLMs to provide natural-language, contextually relevant answers to agent questions based upon all connected knowledge. Instead of presenting agents with an overwhelming amount of information, Ai Agent Assist only delivers the information agents need, when they need it.

Trust Dialpad Ai to keep
agents on-track

A screenshot showing the Agent Trends UI of the Dialpad app

Get rid of costly agent ramp time

Ai-empowered agents are productive from day one, without weeks of training and months of ramp time.

Highly accurate response rates

Dialpad Ai Agent Assist's powerful semantic search provides highly accurate answers to agent questions in real time.

Actionable insights, with Ai Agent Assist analytics

Leverage out-of-the-box analytics to see which questions customers are prioritizing, and identify areas where your knowledge centers aren’t populating an appropriate answer.

Built-in Ai

Out-of-the-box productivity

Ai Agent Assist works immediately, without the need for extra programming.

Generative Ai Answers

Ai Agent Assist automatically generates natural-language responses that are easier for agents to understand and communicate to customers.

Tools & automations

Create deep integrations into agent tools to streamline processes like billing.

Actionable analytics

Understand agent behavior including success rate, feedback on answer quality, conversation volume, and more.

Empower your agents
with Dialpad Ai