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Ai Playbooks: Now available within Dialpad Ai Meetings!

Shwetha Jois

Associate Product Manager

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With remote and hybrid work life taking shape, many of our interactions are via online meetings. At Dialpad, we believe that efficient meetings drive customer and employee satisfaction.

Today, we’re stoked to introduce a new addition to our playbook family: Ai Playbooks in Dialpad Ai Meetings. An integration of our existing Ai Playbooks tool into our meetings platform, this is the 8th offering in Dialpad’s 12 Months of Ai product series.

Ai Playbooks in Dialpad Ai Meetings offers guidance while on a face-to-face interaction with customers. Admins and supervisors can create a list of topics to be tracked in-real time during sales calls, helping reps adhere to necessary steps of the sales process.

In early stage discovery calls, this could mean the playbook helps ensure sales reps discuss budget, authority, need, and timeline; during later stage calls held over video meetings, the playbook could encourage reps to ask specific questions around purchasing process and technical requirements.

Playbooks are customizable, so organizations are empowered to create sales methodologies unique to their business.

Ai Playbooks in Dialpad Ai Meetings: What does it offer?

Sales teams often meet with prospective customers via video call for effective face to face communication and demos. With the increase in video calls and meetings, having standardized processes available for reps to follow is critical. However, this is getting harder with the increase in hybrid and remote work culture.

Ai Playbooks in Dialpad Ai Meetings solves that very same problem!

By defining the processes using built-in templates or Custom Ai Playbooks, reps have easy access to information at their fingertips in the form of Ai Playbooks — whether it is on a call or meeting!

All the insights available on Dialpad calls with Ai Playbooks continue to be available, along with insights from Dialpad Meetings.

Do you need to hop onto a call or meeting in a jiffy? We’ve got you covered with Ai Playbooks on both platforms!

Key features of Ai Playbooks in Dialpad Meetings

1. Ai Notes

Ai Playbooks is a new tab in the Ai Notes section and is displayed alongside the Ai Transcript and Ai Notes tabs. Reps can choose the group from which they are attending the meeting and can access any of the playbook templates associated with that group. The playbook will then be active for the meeting.

2. Seamless access to playbook templates

Sales leaders and managers can select templated playbooks from a number of the most common sales methodologies to increase the speed at which playbooks are adopted. They can also create custom playbooks to tailor to their needs. All these templates are available to the reps on both Dialpad calls and meetings, making the experience and guidance seamless.

3. Continued Ai-based adherence

Just like on a Dialpad call, when a rep uses an Ai Playbook recommended phrase or question, Dialpad’s generative Ai and speech recognition capabilities understand that the behavior was met and check the playbook item off the list:

Screenshot of Ai Playbooks running during a live meeting in Dialpad Ai Meetings

4. Live playbook guidance for sales reps

Sales reps can see the Playbook in real-time on their meetings in the Ai Notes section. Even when they choose to share their screen, the playbooks are just one click away, providing the reps real-time guidance throughout the call.

5. Post call coaching & support

As with most of Dialpad’s Ai features, valuable insights are available post-call. With access to a detailed view of the Ai Playbook adherence over time in the analytics dashboard, coaches, managers, and leaders can easily identify patterns in the performance — both for the team as a whole and for individual reps.

Empowered with these insights, leaders can provide specific coaching to agents and sales reps, and on specific skills.

Empower teams with Ai-based insights

Dialpad’s Ai Playbooks is a vital tool in your sales toolkit and customer service excellence. Contact your Dialpad sales rep to add Ai Playbooks to your Dialpad Ai Sales Center account, and schedule a demo to witness first-hand how Ai Playbooks can elevate your revenue and customer service to new heights.

Stay tuned for the next Ai release

Ai Playbooks in Dialpad Meetings is 8th in the series of Dialpad's 12 Months of Ai product series. Each month, Dialpad releases a new Ai-powered capability to drive innovation and transform the way businesses support, activate, and connect employees from anywhere in the world, all in one platform.

Since announcing the initiative in April, Dialpad continues to drive momentum with record-high ARR growth, a $50M investment in research and development in AI, and the rollout of new AI products including Ai Recap, Ai Scorecards, Ai Playbooks, Ai Coaching Hub, and more profoundly, DialpadGPT, the first generative AI built for the enterprise.

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