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Enterprise contact center solutions

Need an enterprise contact center solution that lets you spin up new contact center teams or set up thousands of new agents quickly? With Dialpad's AI-powered customer engagement platform, you can support global contact center teams, with less of a burden on IT. Book a walkthrough with our team to see how it works!


All the features you need in an enterprise contact center solution

From advanced features that are fully integrated into the platform to an intuitively designed interface, Dialpad makes it simple for help desk, sales, and other contact center teams to handle a high volume of outbound and incoming calls or inquiries, and provide an excellent customer experience.

Creating a chatbot response flow using Dialpad's no-code drag-and-drop builder.

No-code chatbot journeys

Not all enterprise contact center software solutions are easy to use. With Dialpad, you can take full control of your customer journey just by dragging and dropping. Create chatbots and design dialogue flows with questions and answers—and even images and video instead of just text-based answers.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

Real-time transcription

Dialpad Ai can transcribe conversations—in real time—more accurately than almost all leading competitors. This way, supervisors can monitor multiple agent calls simultaneously and browse the transcripts, which are updated in real time, to get full context on all customer conversations.

Dialpad's Ai-powered live sentiment analysis feature

Live sentiment analysis

Busy supervisors can't personally monitor every single call. Dialpad Ai can help by performing live sentiment analysis and showing supervisors if any customer calls are going south. If they see a call with negative sentiment, they can scan the transcript before deciding whether to barge the call or message the agent on the side with advice.

Dialpad's real time assist card feature popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call.

Real-time coaching, at scale

A good contact center for enterprises should be able to help agents in real time. With Dialpad, supervisors can create Real-time Assist (RTA) cards that pop up on agents’ screens when preset keywords are spoken. For example, they could create an RTA card with notes about the refund policy, and set it to trigger when “refund” or “money back” is mentioned on a call. It’s like coaching at scale—without managers having to sit in on every call.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai Scorecard showing which part of the call an agent met the criteria

Speedier QA

Accelerate quality assurance (QA) reviews, reduce compliance risks, and improve agent adherence with Dialpad's Ai Scorecards. Instead of supervisors having to review call recordings manually, Dialpad Ai automatically suggests when QA Scorecard criteria have been met and highlights coaching opportunities.

Dialpad's built-in contact center analytics dashboard

Built-in analytics

Keep an eye on customer interactions and metrics without having to message a tech support team and wait for them to pull data. Just open up the intuitively designed dashboards and heat maps to get an overview of metrics like call volume patterns, average speed to answer, and more.

A video conference happening in Dialpad's desktop and mobile app.

Truly unified communications

With Dialpad, agents and supervisors can manage external communications and also make phone calls, send instant + SMS/MMS messages, and have video meetings internally, from both the desktop and mobile app. No need to toggle back and forth between windows, and it streamlines all conversations into one convenient place.

Dialpad's Salesforce integration automatically populating a call's details.

Integrations with tools you’re already using

Whether you’re using Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho CRM, Google Workspace, or Microsoft 365, Dialpad Ai Contact Center integrates with a wide range of CRMs and other business apps. These integrations let agents have phone calls from inside the CRM, automatically log activities, and much more.

Looking for an enterprise contact center solution?

From robust CRM integrations to an incredibly intuitive user interface, Dialpad Ai Contact Center is designed to make it easier for global contact center teams to manage communications on every channel. Book a demo, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app!

✒️ What the analyst firms say

Learn why Dialpad was named a Leader in the Frost Radar™️ Enterprise CCaaS 2022 Report!

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai suggesting BANT sales playbook tasks for a rep in real time

Live guidance for sales teams

With Dialpad's Ai Playbooks, coaches and supervisors can track rep adherence to sales methodologies like BANT, SPICED, and SPIN more easily. Dialpad Ai can automatically suggest questions and phrases that they need to say during a call (for example, asking about budget or purchase timelines), understand whether the behavior was met, and check the task off the list (or notify managers if this isn't being done).

Locking a video conference in Dialpad's using the built-in security controls.

Robust security

Not only does Dialpad guarantee 100% uptime for Enterprise plan customers, it also has a range of enterprise-class security features. All data is safeguarded in transit and at rest, and Dialpad can help you meet compliance standards like GDPR and HIPAA. There are also robust in-meeting security controls (like muting participants and removing guests) and APIs that can pause recording automatically when sensitive information is being discussed.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Playvox WFM integration

An integrated WFM solution

Need call center workforce management and workforce optimization features? Dialpad’s integration with Playvox gives you a robust contact center platform with all of that functionality, from forecasting to quality management, built right in.

Screenshot of Dialpad's Help Center page

24/7 customer support

And of course, Dialpad’s customer support team is available around the clock via the phone and live chat for Enterprise customers worldwide. This support comes included with all Enterprise plans. If you’d like to find answers on your own, there’s also a detailed online Help Center, which contains answers to most frequently asked questions.

Screenshot of Dialpad's call routing options

Intelligent call routing

Dialpad’s easy-to-customize IVR (interactive voice response) and ACD (automatic call distribution) features make it easy for callers to route themselves to the right agent or department. There’s also a dashboard that shows IVR usage patterns so you can monitor which IVR menu options are being used (and which aren’t) to continuously improve your call routing experience.

A list of recorded calls in Dialpad's app

Unlimited call recording

With Dialpad Ai Contact Center, it’s easy to toggle call recording on and off, or to set all calls to record automatically. Supervisors can also create “playlists” of call recordings that agents can listen to and learn from on their own time!

Dialpad's visual voicemail transcription feature


Set up your voicemail greetings and change your settings easily in minutes, right in your online dashboard. Not only that, Dialpad’s visual voicemail feature also transcribes your voicemail messages so that you can catch up on missed messages—even if you’re stuck in meetings and can’t listen to the audio.

Adding agents to different departments from Dialpad’s contact center platform dashboard

Easily scalable

One of the biggest challenges with most enterprise phone systems and contact center platforms is that they’re not easily scalable. Want to add—or remove—agents to support seasonality patterns? Typically you’d have to wait a long time for changes to be implemented. With Dialpad, you can easily add and remove users and manage phone numbers, all in minutes from your online dashboard.

What is an enterprise contact center, and why enterprise call center software may no longer cut it

An enterprise contact center is a department in a large-scale, global business that handles high volumes of customer communications across a variety of channels, like phone calls, live chat messages, email, and social media conversations. Think of the customer support contact center that a business like Chase Bank or Delta Airlines would have.

Enterprise call centers, on the other hand, are departments that also have agents handling customer communications—only these conversations happen exclusively on the phone. (Hence, "contact center" vs "call center.") These two terms are also sometimes used to refer to the contact center software that these teams use to handle those conversations, and again, the first type lets agents manage more communication channels.

Today, as you might imagine, most people will try reaching out to companies in different ways. Many people still call, yes, but more and more people also prefer to live chat with an agent on the company's website, while others might message them on WhatsApp. Because of this, enterprise call centers are increasingly evolving to become contact centers in order to support customers on these additional channels.

Industries that are using enterprise contact center software

“Customer engagement” looks a little different depending on the industry you’re in, so let’s look at a few examples in which enterprises in these industries can use contact center software.


Today, healthcare organizations rely heavily on call center software to communicate with patients, staff members, insurance providers, and more. One of the biggest requirements of enterprise call center software is, of course, meeting the stringent regulatory requirements (such as HIPAA) that the sector demands.

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Tech and SaaS

With any large SaaS organization, one of the most important types of high-volume communications is without a doubt customer support inquiries. That means it’s essential to have software that provides analytics to track customer satisfaction, types of inquiries, and overall call volumes, among other metrics.

Dialpad provides us with all of the flexibility and solutions we needed to provide excellent customer support remotely.

Fernan Kalaw
Director of Customer Support at Infotrack

Higher ed

For universities and colleges, keeping multiple campuses and thousands of students and employees in sync is a significant task. And while remote learning is one big piece of the puzzle, contact center teams in postsecondary institutions have a very specific set of challenges that involve admissions, enrollment, and donations.

See how Education First (EF) set up a new call center with Dialpad Ai Contact Center—in just 10 minutes!

Real estate

For small brokerages with five or 10 agents, having a contact center platform may be overkill. But for any decent-sized brokerage or property management company, it’s much harder to handle a large quantity of calls (about things like site visits and viewings) on a daily basis—if they don’t have a good contact center platform.

Dialpad has a very low learning curve. Very easy to pick up without any formal training to figure out how to use it. The usability was great from the get-go.

Jude Tungul
Business Operations and Intelligence Manager at Westward360

Enterprise contact center solutions designed to help you scale

From workforce management to excellent call quality around the world, a good enterprise contact center solution should be well-rounded and help you provide not only an excellent customer experience, but also an excellent agent experience.

With so many communication channels like phone calls, social media messaging, SMS messages, live chat, and conferencing, omnichannel routing is a must. Good call center and contact center solutions have to make the customer journey as seamless as possible, no matter which touchpoint(s) your customers want to interact with.

Whether you have a customer service team, sales team, or any other type of contact center team, Dialpad Ai Contact Center can help make your agents’ and supervisors’ lives easier.

Want to see how Dialpad Ai Contact Center can help your agents and supervisors work more efficiently?

Get a personal walkthrough from our team or, take a self-guided interactive tour to play around with the app on your own!

FAQs about enterprise contact center solutions

What's the difference between contact centers and call centers?

If your contact center teams handle communications that include not only phone calls, but also live chats, SMS messaging, self-service options, and so on, then make sure that whichever provider you choose has robust contact center functionality.

Call center platforms typically provide only phone call support when it comes to communication channels, whereas contact center solutions are more advanced and have more integrations. (Dialpad, for instance, is a full-fledged unified communications platform, and lets agents and supervisors manage VoIP calls, send instant and SMS/MMS messages, and even have video meetings—all in one app.

What actually is an “enterprise contact center” software?

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